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Hi, Just upgraded from a Cbr1100xx to a ZZR1400.
What can i do guys to pep it up, i've stuck on some Pipewerx Carbon Slip ons which made a conciderable diffence to power n performance.
Handling it feels like a bag of shite in the corners, Really twitchy..........?
Cam chain on start up makes a little rattle then goes on start up....? Is this normal.?
Is it oil presssure tensioned, hence the noise on start up.............?
I've got to get round to doing plugs , oil n filter at some point. Always do with a new bike also i'll wack in a magnetic sump plug. Nother one of my traits.
Slight leak on rocker gasket. To me that means the tappets have been checked. Are they shim....?
Where can i get a retched manual for it........... ?

Thanks in advamce guys any info would be much appriecated..........