ZZR 600 starter motor

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ZZR 600 starter motor

hello, im new to bikes and i have a ZZR 600, i got it for free from a friend or a friend, he said there is a problem with the starter motor and the battery is dead, i put a new battery in it and when i hit the button it just makes a clicking noise, before i spend £40 ish on a new starter motor i just wanted to ask someone who knows alot more than me, is it likely to be the starter motor and not a problem with the electronics 

I'd agree with FRO. Only other thing I'd do initially is to see if the thing bump starts / can at least turn the engine over - if the engine was seized then the symptoms could also match. If it'll bump start and the starter motor is nice and whizzy then come back and we can narrow other things down...

well its in my setting room and getting it out on the road to bump start it will take a couple extra people, i pushed it round my setting room in first gear so i dont think its seized, but i dont know much about bikes, i took out all the bolts holding the plate over the starter motor but couldnt remove the plate the bike started lifting in the air when i was trying to pull it off, i think im going to have to get a mechanic round, any info so i dont have to pay someone would be helpful, i brought a haynes manual for a zzr600 but it dosnt look like my bike in the pics so thats no help, here is a pic of what i attempted to remove   

i was told the starter is on the right and it will be filled with oil, but i couldnt pull it off and wasnt sure if hitting it with a hammer would damage anything behind it so i stopped trying, i was able to pull the bike across the floor with it so its on pretty tight, my dad use to be a car mechanic for 40 odd years so ive learned alot about cars nothing about bikes, im guessing it uses the same oil as the engine oil, so should i buy more engine oil before doing this ?

got hold of the bloke who gave me the bike and he said its been sat in his garage for about a year and he thinks its the solenoid and hes sending round his mechanic who works on his own bikes so hopefully he will be able to do something, thanks alot for all your help, ill let you know how i get on and probably be asking for more help in the very near future lol  

The large diameter lump beneath that cover is the alternator. The strong magnetic field of the stator is probably stopping you from pulling it off the engine (or you've missed a bolt. If you do pull it off then you will lose oil out of the engine. The lump behind the upper rear corner of the casing is the starter motor.If you haven't yet tried jump leads from the battery to the starter motor live terminal then don't start stripping covers off, as it may well not be the problem! Do like FRO said a week ago!

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