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Zzr 600

My zzr600 (1994) lost alternator charge power yesterday and ground to a halt once the battery was drained. I have since removed the crankcase cover to inspect the magneto and discovered that the flywheel etc was covered in oil (about a pint of oil drained out when i removed the cover). now is this supposed to happen or has something like the crankshaft oil seal gone?

thanks in advance!

That's pretty normal, they usually run in oil to keep the heat down.It's unlikely the alternator itself is at fault, I'd check the rectifier first, the positive lead often corrodes through or one of the diodes packs up.

fast fitter - your bang on the money!I found a drain plug underneath the cover that sort of suggested there was supposed to be oil there. The generator was ok (i have a spare engine (bad top end rattle) ) that acted as a donour.After hours fiddling about and tracing the wiring about I eventually found a burnt out wire in the rectifier plug! DOH! it was a little melted so I hacked it off, checked the rectifier out as per haynes manual and then put spade connectors on loom and plugged rectifier back on (albeit in a new location as the loom was a little shorter now thanks for the advice much appreciated.

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