ZXR750 H1 Erratic tickover

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ZXR750 H1 Erratic tickover

Help please…The bike has been stood for many years. Therefore, fitted new plugs, new air filter, had the carbs sonic cleaned and fuel tank cleaned and new fuel filter fitted.

Bike start okay and runs smooth at normal running speed, it responds good under acceleration but the revs are slow to decrees. The tickover is erratic, revving between 4k and then dropping, sometimes cutting out. I have had the carbs off again and check jets, float levels and general condition, all seems good. Have sprayed engine start on carb manifold rubbers and air box to carb conection, with no response. Have ensured carbs are synchronised. Spark seems good. All to no avail.

This has become an obsessive challenge to rectify. Any help would be appreciated. 


ups, sorry, new to this, the bike in question is a 1989 ZXR750 H1.

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