ZX9RE Water/Oil pump issue

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ZX9RE Water/Oil pump issue

Hello all. Servicing my ZX9R E (2000) cooling system because of an over heating issue, and hit a problem...

When I re-assemble the water/oil pump unit, all fits fine until I tighten the bolt on the impeller. At this point, the act of tightening the bolt pulls the shaft away from the oil pump driveshaft inside the crank case. Any idea's?? Ever tried a new oil/water pump assembly, but it still doesn't connect when tightened...


any advice massively appreciated... driving me nuts

You have missed a spacer?????

Thanks for the reply. It looks like it needs a spacer, but there wasn't one in there when I diss-assembled it. I did insert 3 small spacers between the impeller and the shaft, which had the effect of lengthening the shaft by about 3mm. worked.... for about 200 metres.  Then a horrible grinding noise as the shaft lost contact with the gear drive again...

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