zx9r water pump leak.

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zx9r water pump leak.

I drained flushed and refilled the cooling system. Problem I have now is underneath the water pump housing there is a small drain hole which is now leaking water.
I checked the manual and it says if it leaks here there is a problem with the pump and it will need to be replaced .
Does anyone know if this is the case.
There were no leaks before.
Don't know why this should happen.
Any advice appreciated.

Yes the pump will need replacing. The impeller seal is leaking which drains through this hole.This is most likely due to debris in the coolant getting into the pump when you drained it down.It's quite common for this to happen after changing the coolant.To avoid this happening always flush the coolant system with a hose both ways before refilling and use de-ionised water and antifreeze mix to prevent corrosion.

Ta for the info. I was hoping it would have been a seal that could be replaced.
If I replace the pump are there any other seals which will Need replaced when I am doing it?

I've had a look round and see there are mechanical seal kits for this pump. Does anyone know if this is the only seal there is because when I take the shaft out of the pump it looks like there is another seal halfway down it. But I dont see anyone listing it.
Cheers for your help so far.

You havn't said what model.B or C/E the B has a different type of pump, C's and E's can have the mechanical seal on the shaft replaced  .

Oops...... its a E1. Need to remember not everyone can read my mind ( just aswell) Thanks for getting back to me.

I have an e1 with the water/oil pump removed. I can not for the life of me see how to take water impeller off to see the shaft seal. please tell me I'm just a moron.

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