ZX6R rattle as revs die down...

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ZX6R rattle as revs die down...

I am sorting a track bike that had a crash last weekend (G1 ZX6R)at c 35 to 40 mph. There is a rattle as the revs die to tick over. No rattle when revs above tickover or when in gear, only when its just die away after reviing the throttle. There was an impact on the clutch cover but its not out of shape, but other wise no visible damage. Cam chain tensioner? valve gear? Ideas and remedies very welcome!

A rattle on close throttle with engine spooling down is often a camchain slapping around. 

cam chain tensoner they a common problem on them zx6 mine ened up going and waiped the engine out they are only £50.00 from kawasaki and theres only two bolts holding it in change it now

anybody fitted an APE cam chain  tensioner to a 2009-12 zx6r , ive got one ready to fit to my 2011,as on start up theres a bit of a rattle developed its only got 7500miles on, its never been thrashed, I looked on youtube but it doesn't feature my bike,im pretty confident on general  maintenence and servicing but have my resevations about doing this,cheers

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