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Okay so after doing an oil change today I came across this **see photos attached** cant be 100% sure how long its been there of if its slowly developed to its current state but it does close up when you put your weight on and off the bike, can someone give advice what I should do..... would it be okay to ride? should I take to a garage? literally only owned it a week or 2 bought it from a trade place sold as seen bla bla with 12 month warranty will they even be interested?



No it would not be OK to ride - if it lets go and you have an accident then you may not be insured, at which point if you've hurt anyone else then you're personally liable. Inspect the fracture for rust - if the crack is shiny then it may be new, but if there is rust in it then it's an old fault. Call the "trade place" and give them the right to first response. Take it to somewhere independent to verify the nature / extent of the problem and check the rest of the bike over. As far as "sold as seen" goes I don't believe that has any basis in law when buying from the motor trade - they are legally obliged to sell goods that are fit for purpose and safe. Check with the Citizens Advice Bureau or local Trading Standards.

Cheers Tappy in the process of stripping it down to be weld repaired! next issue im having is un doing the bolt on the left hand side any ideas?

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