Yamaha front fork seals

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Yamaha front fork seals

Oops! I've dropped a bollock whilst touching up the old matt black on my FZ750 yesterday.

Somehow, I managed to get some masking tape trapped in the front fork seal (not the cover!) and despite taking an age to ease it out, I suspect that there may be a tiny piece broken off out of reach as there is a slight smear of oil now where before there was none.

I haven't ridden the bike since but am concerned about loss of air pressure and efficiency.

Question, if I ride the bike, will the oil break down the tape (and there can't be much) so that the seal will return to its previously pristine condition or should I just say b******s and strip the leg?

You have one good fork leg which is more than enough to stop your bike from pogoing about unless you're going to a trackday or something. Tie a rag round the suspect fork to catch any oil that may come out before it makes its way down to the tire or brakes, then carry on as usual and watch the seal. Once you're sure the seal is shot (i.e. there was lots - and I mean lots - of oil coming out), it's time for a replacement. If there was just a little bit of oil and then it stopped, or no oil at all, you got away with it this time.

I'll give it a shot. Cheers my good man.Keep the matt black faith!

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