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Yamaha FJR1300 2002 Sidelights

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Yamaha FJR1300 2002 Sidelights

Hi, I'm new to the forum and looking for some help/advice with regards to the sidelights on my FJR1300. The sidelights and tails are not working. Bulbs are fine fuses are fine. I'm trying to see if they are wired to a relay but no Yamaha dealership/servicing peeps seem to know. It seems to be an earthing problem. Does anyone have any advice on where to look or what it could be as it seems it's affecting a connecting circuit between front and rear? Any help would be great.

Buy the Haynes manual it's got the wiring diagrams in it. There is a notorious earth problem on FJR's caused by the way that the earth wires are commoned in different connectors. If you search the net for "FJR ground spider problem" it will turn up loads of references and help on sorting this out.
The "ground spider" is the commoning connector which corrodes.
Most of the results will be USA forums which are very helpful.

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