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VFR 800 - Brakes

More recently, my front brake handle seems to travel a bit further before the brakes begin to engage, is this a forewarning of worn/wearing out Brake pads?

If so, are they quite simple to replace? chock brakes, undo bolt, swing up caliper, drop out old pads, compress caliper pistons, slip in new pads, reseat caliper, tighten bolt and repeat on other side?

Any recommendations on Brake pads please? Shall i get genuine Honda, or go for any specific after market sets?

Many thanks

Changed the Brake Fluid recently ?Brake Pads...Go for EBC pads... the version you get depends on what riding you do, so ask at the shop.As for doing them... Piece of Piss, the only thing you missed below is some coppaslip.and while you've got them apart, give them a good clean...

Bikes done 7000 miles, and is 9 months old, so i can't imagine why the fluid would need changing?Will Lithium Grease suffice in place of "Copperslip"?I commute daily, so am quite an abuser of the brakes

Russ, changing the fluid only takes a few minutes and is well worth it. My bike has done a few more miles than yours but it has made a hell of a difference.And no, you cannot use lithium instead of copper grease for that application.Nobby

hmmmm...I'm happier working on my car than my bike, s'pose i'm worried about screwing it up, so i may leave the brake fluid alone, but thanks for the help Nobby Keep it coming guys Oh and i shall grab some 'coppaslip' while i'm at it

...and a Vacuum pump makes bleeding the brakes far easier

The best place to procure afforementioned EBC pads is...?

Lloyd Coopers, M&P, any bike shop really!

Russ wrote

Will Lithium Grease suffice in place of "Copperslip"?

No....it'll melt and then you're in shit street. Buy some Halfords break grease, it's copper based and is in small tubes for about three quid.In a test done by Bike magazine they rated OEM pads best for the VFR.

good place for pads is Burwins essex road london n1 if u are in that locality, most pads £10 a set, even 189's for my cbr which are I believe exclusive for that bike areonly £12 a set.

Wouldn't it be a better idea to change front and rear pads if you're swapping brands on a bike with CBS?Just wondering if there will be a brake balance problem if the front pads have much more bite than the Honda ones, ie too much front brake when you don't want it - like on icy road or gravel.Or am I being paranoid?

You're being paranoid

DangerMouse wrote

Wouldn't it be a better idea to change front and rear pads if you're swapping brands on a bike with CBS?Just wondering if there will be a brake balance problem if the front pads have much more bite than the Honda ones, ie too much front brake when you don't want it - like on icy road or gravel.Or am I being paranoid?

Thanks DM, in fact you do have to change both front and rear pads, because of the CBS, they only sell the pads in packs with two sets for the front and one set for the rear.

Selling em in front/rear packs makes sense - see I do make sense sometimes!

Never heard of this one about selling cbs pads in packs of 3.Ibuy mine individually fa189 by the pair, rears tend to wear faster than fronts I tend to change rears twice to one set of fronts,Shouldn't make any difference using different brands of pad as long as you change both fronts at same time for new, obviously same brand. cbs complicated braking system, if you have any agg with it give me a call, i have had the whole system apart ie secondary master cylinder operated by front disc friction linkage, variable control flow valve, Stripped it rebuilt it bled it which is a saga on it's own cos there are a few tricks involved with a 12 ml spanner, concealed bleed valve on secondary master cylinder and a second pair of hands to hold mechanical linkage compressed, if you try to bleed it in the wrong order it all goes tits up, I even have the numbers for the 5 bearings on cbs linkage if u fancy replacing those.

Shouldn't make any difference if you replace front pads only. The proportion valve is there for a reason.

DirtyBill surely a proportion valve can only control brake line pressure, how effectively that pressure converts to stopping power relies on how much friction is generated between the pad and disc? In other worlds 5psi of line pressure may have a completely different friction co-efficient with a different pad!

Cheers jock My clarity is at fault, the EBC pads are sold in a pack with front and rear pads together

If you're not sure that the pads in the rear are the same as the ones in the front you should replace them all if you want the balanced braking to work as designed.As DM said, the proportioning system distributes the pressure between the front and rear but is not designed to, nor is capable of knowing whether the front and rear pads have different coefficients of friction.Mix your pads and you may risk a potentially dangerous braking system.

Mechanic sorry you are wrong, as db says the pcv is there for a purpose. CBS brakes work on a negative feedback system, so the amount of friction actually initiates the physical movement of a mechanical linkage which in turn activates secondary master cylinder diverting excess pressure towards rear caliper, pcv in turn relieves pressure in rear system diverting excess pressure back to front caliper thus balancing everything out, different pads front and rear merely cause system to react still balancing braking forces no matter what the friction coefficients involved, if you get a workshop manual and go through system in detail you will see what I mean.

Thats 1-0 for us grease monkeys!:smoke: I dunno why you guys have to over complicate things. It's the same as a cage. Just because I install new pads in the front doesn't mean I have to change the pads/linings in the rear. First year auto mechanics aprenticeship lads!Now. lets talk about ABS on a K1200. You do practically anything on the brakes on this bike, you have to take it back into the shop and get it "re-programmed." I've been told that this even includes front wheel removal to change the tire. What a pain in the arse!More money for your Bimmer dealer. What a coincidence!

Can you change the front brake lines to braided and leave the rear alone? If yes does anyone know where I can get kit for front only?  Cheers!

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