Two stroke gear oil .

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Two stroke gear oil .

Has anyone used or recommend a good gearbox oil for an RGV 250
i am having big problems with clutch slip when the oil is cold , once it's warmed up
it's o.k , but until then it's a right bugger to get it to drive.
This is on a race version so it's pain in the arse to get clutch slip for 2-3 laps
At the moment i'm on my 3rd oil (which is ATF fluid out of desperation.)
Can antone help ?

unless you can get some 5W/30 then stick to some good quality atf imho. You may want to upgrade your cluch unless you have alredy done so. Try bead blasting the cluch plates to roughen them up. I had a nightmare time trying to sort my lc's cluch, I think I ended up using plates and springs off an XS650.Good luckPaul

i used 20/50 gtx in my rgv [roadbike] which seemed ok,i guess racing is giving the clutch a much harder time though?

What were the previous 2 oils? If they contained EP additives they could've contaminated the plates so no amount of changing th oil will help unless you put in a new clutch. Have you ever had it working ok?I find Silkolene Light Gear oil works fine.

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