Triumph T595 Daytona 1998 Won't Start....Help !!!

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Triumph T595 Daytona 1998 Won't Start....Help !!!

Guys I have just bought this to get a bit of riding out of what is remaining of the year whilst I get on with other projects but ..... I brought it home continuously jumpimg the Lithium Ion battery off on the way home ( about 35 miles) went and bought a battery and fited it but........... the previous owner had a reverse polarity battery fitted and in my excitement copied it only to realise when all I got was a click that it was the wrong way round !!! I then corrected this but all I get is a click off one of the relays and when I pull the clutch lever in another click which I have not yet managed to locate .....gutted say the least. I just want to go out and enjoy it. I have checked the only fuse I can find in a four fuse box with only a 30 Amp one in it and I am stuck ??!! Help Please guys.

I currently shs14.8 volts

I currently shs14.8 volts with an Accumate attached an still just clicking ???

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