Triumph engine management light

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Triumph engine management light

Any Triumph owners out there shed some light on this for me?

I have two mates-both of which have triumphs, and have both experienced the engine management warning lights coming on after minor work has been carried out on the bike.

1st) Petrol tank removed for air filter to be changed

2nd) Oil change/new battery and fork oil seals (this bike had been standing for a few months)

Is it bizarre co-incidence that the lights came on for both of them, or is it done on purpose by triumph in order to mean people need to take it to a dealer for the system to be re-set?

Cheers in advance.


The light comes on if the ECU detects a fault (DTC). If the engine is then cycled cold - hot - cold three times and the fault does not recur, the engine light should put itself out. Look on and for more than you ever wanted to know about this.......OTOH your second supposition may be correct.

Ian-many thanks for your response-it's appreciated. I kinda like my conspiracy theory-makes the whole thing a little more exciting!

Ian-tried the method you suggested and the light did indeed go out! Thanks for your assistance.

Guys engine management light came on after a week long trip to the UK from Ireland.. tried your tip and it worked after starting cold then hot 3 times... thanks very much .

If you do the 3 cycles, won't it take 3 days...once you start it from cold and let it cool it will takes 2-3 hrs...

just had the tank off to change the fuel pump and light came, on pretty sure the 3 warm ups will work ,because ther was no issues before ,think the manufacturer create more problems than they fix sometimes ( i,d like to put hammer through sodding alarm sometimes ) thanks for info fellas

Would the 3 start up method work on mine. Started up, ran a bit rough, popped and banged and light came on. Engine will start and run but not perfect.

Why would you want to try and clear the fault light by using the three cold start method? If it's running rough then there's clearly something wrong - just clearing the warning light isn't going to help much...

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