Tips for tire changing.

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Tips for tire changing.

If you can't break the bead try this.

Get a 2 x 4 about 18-24" should do. Jack up your car or your neighbors car, put the wheel under the car, below part of the car frame or sturdy! bumper, place the 2 x 4 length wise on the bead and directly under the car frame and let down the jack SLOWLY. The weight of the vehicle should break the bead. It's a good idea to have the bike wheel lying on a support of more 2 x4s so the discs aren't touching the ground-that way they won't get warped from the pressure.

Another way is to hack saw or preferably take an angle grinder and start cutting the tire off the rim in different places. Be carefull not to touch the rim though.

When mounting the new tire clean the rim of any old rubber or dirt first. You'd be surprised how a piece of old rubber can prevent the new bead from seating.
I still use the old soapy water to lubricate the new bead. It seems to work the best. Armor All on the bead helps also.

Wise words!.. i had to have a car driven over the rim of Me old beema to get the bugger to pop!...Had to pump it to stupid pressure to get it poped back on too!..Bloody tough these 2CV tyres!

Hey is this the old boys corner! Or are we the only ones stupid enough to fit our own tyres!!!I made a bead breaker out of an old exercise bike! truth!! works ok!where do you get you tyre weights from?Kfz

The neighbors cars of courseIf I HAVE to I'll buy them as a last resort

Yep they are good provide the other hand u always seem to need!...Ive don car tyres too on own and hell thay are hard to pop..Have to know where the well is cos they will not come off any other way. And lots O' fairy liquid to get em to seal while u pump em too (foot pump, pump like hell)

Thanks WRSM ( you sound like a Yank radio station1) 2 tyres arrived this morning, yippee!KFz

Take it 2 your local tyre dealer and they will carry it out for ya ! minus £250 in the wallet ! any other questions ??

Yea Ricey i do.Do I have to pay extra for carting me wheels about, ive no car you see, what about the waiting about while the fitters have a little chin wag. Its not like ive been going to the same place for 6 yrs and I do 30k miles a year on 6 bikes. Oh year and the way the tyres break up on yer when there 1/2 worn cos there so old!!oh yea and there 20% cheaper at busters!!!KFzApart from that its great

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