Taking Thermostat out of a racebike

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Taking Thermostat out of a racebike

Is it worth taking the thermostat out of a R1 trackbike,that is only being used for trackdays.
Ok,its not overheating,but with the hot(tish) weather on its way,wouldn't it be a good thing to do.

jason r wrote

Is it worth taking the thermostat out of a R1 trackbike,that is only being used for trackdays.Ok,its not overheating,but with the hot(tish) weather on its way,wouldn't it be a good thing to do.

Is it malfunctioning?If not why bother?

Taking it out might result in a cold seizure on a cold day

Can four strokes do that?

ok not quite the same engine but ....i take the thermostat out of my old diesel bx's as soon as i get them (fookers run hot) and never put them back in and they're thrashed from cold (not big not clever, i know), but if you warm the engine up before a race i very much doubt you'll do any harm by removing it and on the plus side it's one less thing to go wrong ...i've just removed the one in my goldwing and binned it, it'll not get another whilst in my possession, did the same to my last Wing

Yes,taking it out will be one less thing to worry about(or go wrong).I am thinking that by taking it out,should help improve the flow of the coolant,and help eliminate any hot spots and keep the coolant temperature more constant and lower than a trackbike with one still fitted.

Do we not think that the manufacturers designed the engines to run at a particular temperature, which is why they fit a thermostat, so keep it as close to this temperature as possible?Running with an engine too cold is as bad as running too hot, which is why we warm our engines up before thrashing the tits off them

CBR6DC wrote

yep... but on a hot day a thermostat can be the different between spot on and boiling over.

How? if its working right then on a hot day its just the same as it not being there isn't it? Having it in will just mean that the bike warms up quicker.How often do stats fail? I've never had one go and they tend to fail open anyhow unless its one of those ancient waxstat things.

As said,race bikes don't have and don't need cooling fans,so therefore i can't see why a thermostat should be fitted to a race bike either(my betting is the MotoGP,WSB & BSB don't).Also,the thermostat is still quite a large area blocking the path even when it is fully open.I am going the way as CBR6DC and take it out.I have got a double trackday coming up soon,i will leave it in for the first day and take it out for the next day,and take some average temp readings down and see what the difference is(if any).I will post the stats at a later date on this thread.Thanks for all the "fors" and "against" guys.

Just to throw some more factors into the equation, i remember from my Mini engine building days that if you run without the stat in place you have to put a metal disk with a hole in the middle in its place. Can't remember why this was though!.Secondly, i've done quite a few summer trackdays on my Ducati and the fan has never come on while the bike is moving, it only ever comes on if i get stuck in traffic.Thirdly i once took the stat out of my car and the and it just wouldn't get up to running temp. It wasn't mid summer but it wasn't winter either.Fouthly, running an engine to cool is just as bad for power as running it too hot. Best speak to some R1 racing types to see what temp they like to run them at.

Going for an epic thread resurrection here folks.... anyone recommend removing it for me then?  Runnning a UK CBR600 FSport in the UAE for track days..... bike will never be below 10-15'C ever again unless there's another ice age!

I can't see a problem with it really. In the original design the thermostat is only there to help the engine warm up faster or to keep it up to temperature in extremely cold conditions. If you leave it in and don't warm it up thoroughly then it'll open halfway down the straight and let a big slug of cool water through the coolant system. That thermal shock will do as much damage as anything. If you take it out and don't warm it up thoroughly then it'll just gradually warm up anyway but without the sudden shock to the system.

Cheers.... being an engineer I've got OCD when it comes warming the bike up, doesn't take long here either!

The thermostat does not only assist in the quick warmup chaps...It is also located where it restricts the flow of liquid, to ensure that a higher "pressure" of water is present, where the engine gets hottest, and thus by raising the pressure prevent those little boiling bubbles, that will in turn crack your heads, etc....so taking it out and throwing it away....is silly...!!!

All engines are designed to run at their most efficient temperature, the thermostat is there for this purpose, take it out and the engine runs cold risking piston ring/bore wear and the oil running too cold - it's your engine, your choice I guess.

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