SV650s K6 electrical issues

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SV650s K6 electrical issues

Help! I put a new stainless exhaust onto my 06 plate SV. I turned the key and the bike came to life but when I pushed the starter switch the whole bike died. Now the electrics won't even fire up and the bike is lifeless. My next plan is to remove the new exhaust and see if the bike will fire up. Am I missing something basic? I'm fairly new to bike ownership so any and all advice is truly appreciated.

On my earlier SV the main fuse is piggy backed into the starter relay, and this is located inside the frame, just above the rear brake master cylinder. This is also the area you'd be working in if replacing the header pipe on the rear cylinder. I'd start looking in that area - when I had corroded terminals in the main relay it caused very similar problems.

I've owned Suzuki bikes since 2002 and haven't had much trouble with electrics - my current SV is a 99, used in all weathers and has over 70k on the clock. The front HT lead / plug cap is the common problem as it gets soaked in wet weather. I used silcone sealant on the plug cap where it seals into the rocker cover. Just as important however - make sure the drain hole (empties on the RHS of the head) is clear - if this is clocked then any water can't drain. After doing these things I still had occasional problems in downpours, but I also noticed that the HT lead touched the frame, so I supported it with some corrugated conduit and the problem has never come back in 50 k miles. The charging system seemed a bit weak and when I checked it, the voltage at the battery actually went DOWN as revs increased. Measuring it at the reg/rec it was fine, and the problem seemed to be the stupidly thin bit of wire from reg/rec to battery. I replaced this and the battery always turned the engine over much better after that. Similarly the wiring to the headlights was a bit weedy so I beefed that up, tho' I later fitted HIDs. As above the starter relay / main fuse is exposed but not difficult to sort. Other than that I can't think of any problems - even the side-stand switch etc still works fine.

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