Suzuki RG Fun 125??

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Suzuki RG Fun 125??

Looking for a bit of advice. Have an Rg Fun but havent used it since it gave trouble starting 2 years ago. Ive been looking for a manual everywhere - does anyone have an idea of where to get my hands on one.
Also Im thinking of just replacing the engine alltogether but there is a shortage of good RG engines out there where the power valve isnt shot.What other engines would fit the Funs frame?

will a rgv250 fit in a wolf frame ?

single cyclinder yes but no at the same time engine mods little bite like the mounts ull have to upgrade the forks braking handling i have a wolf my selft but i would like to do it its getting a rgv250 cheap =] thats not been ragged

I have a whole Suzuki Rg gamma in bits for sale cheap and engine is there CHEAP

can anybody help . would a rgv 250 top fairing fit on a rg125 fun as im having all sorts of problems trying to find one . thanks

so i have been told yes it can but not sure for sertain =]

can a rgv250 fairing kit fit a rg125 ?  

Very unlikely. The frames - and therefore mounting points - are completely different, as are all the bits it would need to fit up to such as the fuel tank. Why would you want to?

Will a rgv 250 engine gointo a rgv fun frame ?? Or what is the max top end size cc that could go onto the 125 bottom end . ?? I have a wolf and a 92 fun I wanted the fun to be a special project as ive had it for 17 yrs the wolf is fine but not as solid handling wize very reliable tho not had no issues at all selling it on e bay if any one is after a red wolf fully original and in nice condition ??
If any one is interested in a m reg wolf pm me

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