suzuki bandit w reg 2000 mk2 600s

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suzuki bandit w reg 2000 mk2 600s

my son owns a w reg 600s bandit mk2

just recently it has started to pop the 10 amp ignition fuse

it doesnt do it all the time . it can be fine for days then he will come to it in the morning after he has finished a night shift and when he turns his key to on pop goes the fuse,

we have taken tank off check/ wiggled wiring and cannot find anything . we put a fuse back in and it will be ok . maybe for an hour maybe for 2/3 days . until one morning pop again . we have had a guy out to check wiring , had all fairing off looked at wiring and tested various things and nothing. . i am not electrical minded so need any pointers plese

thanks for reading