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stuck in gear

hi all have a 1995 cb 750 its stuck in top gear i think was ok yesterday. i thought it might be the gear selector lever loose or something but its not. bike will pull away in gear but wont change, fearing the worse, any comments wellcome. cheers john

As you can pull away it's fair to assume that the clutch is releasing enough to not be causing a problem. The actual shift drum and forks in any modern(ish) gearbox are quite reliable - problems usually arise with the ratchet mechanism that converts the gear level movement into drum movement. Often a failure to change gear is caused by the lever not having moved fully during the last shift, or not having returned to the middle of its travel - often due to dirt, corrosion etc. If you can't get it to change down then try "finishing" the shift "up" into top, or checking that the gear lever is returning to centre before trying to change down again. If the above does nothing then it might be time to check the Haynes manual. On many gearboxes the shift mechanism can be accessed after removing the clutch drum, and without splitting the crank cases.

thanks for the reply tappy ill look into what you said

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