sr 125 clutch lever adjustment

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sr 125 clutch lever adjustment

I have an SR 125 Yamaha,when i let clutch out in gear it engages almost at the end of the lever travel i.e. hand wide open. is there a way i can get this closer to the handle bar?

Yes - the problem will either be incorrect clutch cable and/or clutch adjustment, or a sticking cable / clutch.Best bet is to thoroughly lubricate the cable first, as any subsequent adjustments will be more accurate / consistent.To do this, slacken the cable using the barrel adjusters at each end of the cable (hold the barrel adjuster still and undo the lock-nut, then turn the barrel adjuster itself) and disengage the cable from the lever. Make a sandwich bag funnel around the cable end, raise it up, and let gravity push some WD40, then some 3in1 oil down the cable (I dare say you can find a video of this on youtube). You'll need to work the cable inner in and out to get the oil to penetrate down thru' the cable.After that, reconnect the cable and adjust it to the correct lever free play - typically about 10mm free movement at the outer end of the lever.

 Thanks i will check this out. Though the cable was new with the bike when i bought it. I have adjusted all to haynes manual spec, even changed clutc plates.

no success so far, is there any thing i could be overlooking?

if it's a cheap cable it may have stretched ,have you run out of adjustment ?

No there is adjustment left on the cable.

Problem sorted! Changed actuating lever return spring, reset adjustment. Spot on.Thanks very much to all who responded, much appreciated.   

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I am having the same problem with my1997 Yamaha SR 125, I will try this fix and report back

My clutch ha gone on my bike and while checking  and adjusting it to make sure it was completely gone i noticed that the clutch switch is not staying in place, it keeps falling out of the lever housing, do i need to buy just a new cable  or will i need a whole  new lever housing, seen one on ebay for £18... Please help..

When you say "gone" what do yo mean? Just because you've run out of cable adjustment doesn't mean you need a new clutch - you might be looking at a few quid for a new pull cable, lifter cam or a thrust bearing, rather than £70+ for a clutch kit.. Regarding the clutch switch - when you say cable, do you mean the wiring harness & not the actual clutch cable? A quick look on google makes it look like the switch is either just a push-in, or maybe is retained by a clip or something? The switch is plastic and the lever housing is alloy so it's unlikely that you need to replace the housing, but have you lost some kind of retaining clip, pin or screw that holds the switch in? If you replace the switch then yes - you'll need the wiring too as it's made as a single piece. You could of course just remove is completely and permanently bridge the wires. You'll have to remember to have the clutch in whenever you're using the starter motor tho - unless the engine is good and hot (thin oil) and the bike's in neutral...

i snapped the lever at handle bars put new lever on tried to ajust cable but clutch wont engage the lever seems to pull but nothing is it possible i messed the ckutch while wingin it home in 3rd gear help do i need a new cluch or is it stuck

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