Sinnis Heist 125cc

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Sinnis Heist 125cc

My wife has the above bike, it is brand new. She has a problem that it struggles to start and cuts out when idling. Also when riding it cuts out when slowing down to stop. If I blip the accelerator when slowing down it stop it stalling. Any ideas?

A little more info, the engine is based on a 70's Honda CG125 running a pz26 carb.

Turn the idle screw up a little (big screw on carb near end of throttle cable) or could be battery needs charge or worst case bit of dirt in carb (fuel system)

If brand new get back to dealers at first opportunity .

Yeah, I tried the idle screw, when it runs it idles fine, then it will just idle slower and slower then cut out. I think I'll give the dealer a call. Thanks

Could be a lot of things from low fuel flow through to poor charging. But as it's brand new and has a fault then it is either "not as described" or "not fit for purpose" in which case they have to sort it out or refund you.

Did you get this sorted ? Your selling dealer should be able to solve all issues under warranty - and its a 24 month warranty too. My girlfriend has a Heist - she loves it

My son has just purchased this bike, There is a rubber sealing ring on the fuel tank filler cap,which when its screwed down tight restricts/seals the breather hole which is in the rubber seal recess,which after a while running the bike creates a vacuum in the tank, starving the carb/engine,after a while frustratingly trying to re-start the bike, air manages to bleed into the tank and allow a re-start,until a vacuum is pulled again needs the ring removing or a small hole drilling in the top of the filler cap like the British bikes back in the day.  

Also there is switch on the side stand which needs to be in the right position and tightend up correctly.

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