she has no power

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she has no power


i have a 1999 kawi ex ninja 500r and i received the wrong batter for my bike connect the negative with positive and the positive with the negative with out checking (i know stupid). i saw a spark on the left side and now she has no power. i checked the fuse box and all are in order, i do not have a secondary fuse box so now i am lost can any one help meĀ 

If the fuses are all ok it's possible the ecu has gone. You'll need a good auto electrician for this I'm afraid. Adrian.

Okay .... You don't think I can do it myself ?

Chances are you've only checked the fuses in the fuse box. There should also be a fuse piggy-backed into the starter solenoid (follow the big power cable from the starter motor back up and you'll find it between the starter and the battery). Unlikely to be the problem but easy to check. There's also a possibility that you've damaged the battery - try giving it a charge and see what it's holding, and for how long. It should store over 13V for several days...If that checks out then it's also possible that by reversing the polarity (any Ghostbusters fans?) you've damaged the reg-rec and now it's just permanently connecting the battery live to earth. This is unlikely, but possible. SOOO, disconnect the reg-rec from the battery wiring and - after checking & charging the battery - see if everything else works again. If so then you'll need a new reg-rec. M&P, Electrexworld and a few others should have a pattern one instead of forking out for a new OE one or one from a breakers.

Okay i will check so of those tonight

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