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Service question..

How much should I pay for a 12k service for a '97 ZX6

My local kawa dealer said £200 plus parts..

Next closest said £160 all in..

Next was £100 all in..

I would like to do as much as I can but have no space or equiptment. Also can anyone recommend a good dealer in London..


If it's a major service then about 200 may be right. On the CBR it was either 12K or 16K that was the big one.Check the maintenance schedule in your owners book for the work that is involved. If it's valve clearances and carbs etc. it will be a bit more expensive than normal.

Daytona M/C is Ruslip in north london are the best motorcycle dealer I have ever come across.They are kwak dealers, and have a v good workshop.Give them a bell, I dont think they will B/S you.I hope not anyway

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