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Rusty Chain.

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Rusty Chain.

I've inherited an older 125cc VL Intruder. it's not turned a wheel in 10 years. The chain is rusty but the links still flow well. Is it worth rescuing it, (scrubbing and soaking), or would it be more sensible to just replace it and both sprockets?

Rusty chain

The answer really depends on what kind of chain it is. If it's an O-ring chain then the grease and O-rings will have dried out and stopped sealing and it'll wear pretty quickly. If it's a non-O-ring chain then it's less likely to have suffered much damage. In either case taking it off and giving it a long bath in warm chain oil might help. You really should give it a very, very thorough inspection though - a chain letting go can lock the back wheel, smash your engine casings and/or make a real mess of your leg.
Have a look at this picture to help you identify whether it's an O-ring chain or not.

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