Rough Running ZX7R

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Rough Running ZX7R

After a bit of a blast yesterday, my ZX7R started running roughly at low engine speeds.

It seems to be running on only 2 or 3 cyclinders, but if you pick the revs up it seems OK.

I'd put some fresh fuel in yesterday, but it ran OK for 30 miles or so before playing up.

It seems to idle OK and starts fine. But until the revs pick ut tp 5,000 or so it doesn't like it. When it starts running roughly, if you back the throttle off a little and then gently open it it seems better, but not perfect.

I guess the carbs have shit in them,they were stripped and cleaned a couple of thousand miles ago, butI guess that doesn't prove or help much.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


Hi guys. I'm having some running problems after a service, carbs clean in sonic tank balanced and gased. It bogs down at about 5000 to 6500 revs feels like it drops a cylinder, clears once past and revs fine. iv done the mod to remove the clean air injection system from zx7r froum but has made no diffrance iv had the bike for 5 years now and know her inside out but this has got me puzzled it has a muzzy end can and aftermarket front pipes. Pipercross air filter and new platium plugs (about 2thousand miles old) The garage who did the work I've used for about 10 years and trust but even they can't sort it we had to fit a blue flame exhaust with both baffles in for it to run. it had a very very small flat spot before the work was done but now feels unrideable Can anyone shed some light on the issue. Brad

So when did the issue start? You say "before the work was done" but it's a bit hard to know which work you mean...

What aftermarket header pipes have you fitted? If they are 'Sandy' pipes you will never get rid of the midrange flat spot. ZX7Rs run great on Akrapovic 4 into 2 into 1 systems,muzzy or hindle systems are also good.

Hi people, Just changed plugs in zx7r as it was sounding like a v twin..cleaned air filtef...although this was a k and n effort...will this help upset the balancing without carb adjustment? As above, ok at higher revs, but tickover, it just "blap blap blaps" then dies.... Any ideas?  Thks.

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