RF 900 front forks

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RF 900 front forks

Got home from work tonight and stripped the front end down - the
sliders are very pitted and scruffy and I'm going to rub them down
and re-spray.
Stripped the legs down to drain the oil out and the springs have the
close coils at the bottom. The Suzuki manual says the close coils
should be 'upper' - any thoughts/previous experience anyone? And the
recommended oil capacity for each leg is 466ml. There's certainly
nothing like that amount come out of either leg (had the bike from
new so it's as it left the factory). I'm going to use ATF and start
at 450 ml unless anyone's got any better suggestions?

yep closed coils go to the top. but depending on the age of your bike might be worth while fitting new springs if you intend keeping it .As for your oil just put in what it says and i take it you mean auto transmission fluid???just put in the right sae fork oil and just because the amount you drained out was less than you expected dont worry as your level will drop with age as well as deteriorate.

Cheers HV. I got them back together and had a blast the other night. The springs were well within the service limit. I put the close colis to the top and used the recommended level of Autotmatic Trans Fluid. Front end is a lot better now, feels firm without being harsh and doesn't 'wander' like it used to.Got to do the swinging arm linkages next time I'm off.

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