Resisitance test pick up coils DR650

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Resisitance test pick up coils DR650

Anybody help out with the details on doing resistance test on me pick up coils on a DR650 1993 model,it would be much apreciated.Cos i just price yp new at 400squid so please let it be summit else eh ??

Gland, why didn't you buy a DR650SET? I know every single wire and component of one of those, along with how to test every single thing that might possibly break. I had a MAJOR (apparently) electrical prob a while ago that took 6 months to fix. Gland, give me the full rundown of what the problem is and I might be able to help, they can't be taht different. I have the Workshop manual for the SET (as you know) if this is of any use. I remember being told that the pickup is not replacable as an individual item but that the entire magneto/pickup needs to be replaced. I sent it off to West County Windings who ran a full test for a fiver. Not bad and very quick to return it too.Ended up trailering the bike to The Bike Shop in Tottenham, took a fully qualified electrical mechanic 8 hours to locate the fault!

Sorry didnt reply sooner havent been on here much been busy.I have now done resistants tests on everything including CDI and pickup etc.All seem ok.The problem started at work came out bike wouldnt turn over just clicking like starter motor stuck tried all usual to no avail relayed it home.Checked starter motor seemed fine,got a mate who is pretty good on elecs to look discovered if we added an earth via jump leads it turns over perfect.The problem is we have no spark at all.Checked all conections all seem fine.all electrics seem okay throughout except having to add the extra earth which we can find no reason to need.All other bits lights etc working.I am baffled along with others so any suggestions gratefully received.

is it a 1993 dr650sep model if so i have wiring diagrames if you need a copy..

land, you got juice getting to the coils?

only a little bit to coils why

1) Check battery (just so you can say you've done it.)2) Turn ignition on to check juice is gettin TO the CDI.3) Find out which leads go to the coils from the CDI and see if juice if coming OUT.4) Check the resistance on the pickups, give an on/off type reading as the motor is manually turned over.5) Check no one had tried to steal the bike and loosened or partially broken wires.6) Check the resistance of the ignition coils, there should be a different reading between the plug end and each of the LT wires. Neither should be infinity.7) Check the wires on the rectifier/regulator, this can throw up some really whacky probs.8) Check the winding resistance in the generator.......Bugger this, just go and buy a workshop manual will you!!!

Have a workshop manual for what its worth.done all of the above.Gave it four more hours the other night spat the dummy threw some tools about even tried doing a moony still no spark so book it in to a shop (hangs head in shame).I'm convinced its just something stupid like a dodgy earth but i cant find it so there ya go.Thanks for the help buy you a real beer one of these days.

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