R6 - Performance bike settings

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R6 - Performance bike settings

Hello, can anyone post the settings that PB magazine advised for a R6. It was on the MCN board but i just can not bear to go anywhere near it since they have re-vamped it....it just does my brain in.

Got em @ home, will try to remember, alternativly there on yzfr6.net but the site is blocked by our firewall

Thanks D&C got them off the site.They worked really well on my R6 before.

Can anyone clarify these settings. On the compression and rebound one uses clicks as a measuement and one uses turns.This is fine but on the forks you cant turn them 6 turns! so is it click they mean? And wound it be clicks all round?Or am i just being stupid and missing something completly obvious?Cheers....JAMES

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