R1 Steering Damper

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R1 Steering Damper

Can any one recommend a good damper ,as i feel a full blown tank slapper is just round the corner!(having to many moment's for comfort)
I guess a top or left hand mounted one would be best ,so it can be adjusted easily on the move (town/fast road)
Also is it just me ,but since fitting a double i'm sure the bike isn't as stable at speed's that i won't mention on here (incase plod is looking)
Maybe i'll put standard screen back on just to see.

I've got a Hyperpro damper fitted across the top on my '1' and can say it's the dogs !! As they are varible damped it doesn't effect low speed movement in town etc. Only problem was I had to get the headstock nut machined t fit properly but the design has/should have been updated by now!

Just looked it up in the M&P book , look's like the buisness but it look's like £270 for the kit Don't want to sell ur's do u? so what does it do when ur weeving in and out of traffic in town ?

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