R1 restricted???

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R1 restricted???

Ive got a 99 import R1,
after a recent service, the mechanic said it was restricted and he could de-restrict it for about 150 quid.
i took the airbox off, and looked for the plastic bit that he said was not letting the throttle slides open fully, i couldn't see anything, and when i moved the slides with a small screwdriver, they opened fine, so does this mean he was talking bollox?

Sounds likes bollaxs to me!Does it feel Restricted?If it dont it prob aint!:smoke:

its the only way to be positive either way. Plus you will have some groovy graphs to baffle & bore your mates with...Unless you get it done at X81's place. X> Mate! email my graphs over buddy! - Here's another customer for you!

£25 quid for a dyno run will tell all

If its french or german then it will be 100bhp restricted, if you take off the airbox there shouldn't be anything impeding the airflow if there is that will be the restriction.

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