Piccies of my crash damaged gear.

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Piccies of my crash damaged gear.

If all works well there should be a link to a pic here.

1) (Top left), Hein Gericke All Seasons glove, fell apart on impact, not impressed.

2) (Top right) IXS W/proof jacket in fetching pink/turquoise. Armour did the job but the material could have done better out of it. While it was alive it ws 100% waterproof and warm.

3) (Middle right) Hein Gericke Rigger Boot, I'm well impressed with this kit, waterproof as any boot after waxing and tougher than a mountain goat. Just need to fill the little hole in the toe with some latex and they'll be back in business.

4) Shoei XR800. I'll be buying another one of these . It took a fair old hit and only lost the crispy shell. I dread to think what would have happened with an open face lid. Top marks to Shoei.

Thats it really, I'll see if HG want my gloves for research.

Looks nasty mate Hope U are alright tho, hows the hands? The glove looks nasty!

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