petrol in tank over winter

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petrol in tank over winter

is it really necessary to drain your tank and carbs if the bike is left standing over winter? is there really that much gunk in the petrol?

The problem with petrol going off goes somethin like this.Petrol is not just a single substance, its made up of different lenght molecules that petrol people like to call 'fractions'. Apparently the smaller molecules (or the lighter fractions) are those most needed for starting cold engines, unfortunatly these like to evaporate off over time.To minimize the amount of evaporation then fill the tank to the brim so theres less air in the tank.If you bike has a history of poor starting then yes i would drain it, if she starts good then just brimfull the the tank. You may want to add a stabilizer if your really worried but to tell you the truth i wouldnt bother.The worse that can happen is that it wont start and you have to drain the tank so.......I would of course drain the float bowls. As they will evaporate dry leaving an orrible sticky mess behind.KevPS I think we have resident petrol person so maybe they would like to comment.

The whole point of winter preperation is that its done before the winter not after.If youve left it untill now then its already happened.Charge the batt back up and if it wont start then you know what you need to do.Kev


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