Paint Jobs- where? how good? how much?

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Paint Jobs- where? how good? how much?

Looks like the Gixer is a write-off due to cosmetic damage (bodywork, headlights, exhaust etc.) so I'm gonna buy it back and sort it myself. It will however need a paint job. Depending on cost I'll either go for a simple 2 colour scheme or possibly a Lucky Strike Schwantz replica. Can anyone give me some advice on cost and the period of time that the whole thing takes.
some recommendations on which of the spray shops are worth giving my precious insurance payout to, would be greatly appreciated.

(please don't tell me that Lucky Strike is old hat, it still looks great unlike Telefonica or Alstare which both make me retch)

I'll paint it two tone black, £50 quid to you Sir...You're spot on about the Lucky Strike tho, IMO it's the best "advertising" paint scheme yet. Buy any custom bike/chopper magazine (BSH, 100%, AWoL, Streetfighters) and there's plenty plenty of adverts for bike painters. It'll take longest in winter cos more people have their bikes painted then. Beware of car painting places, most know sod all about painting on plastic as opposed to metal.I'd be tempted to get a paint job normally associated with a different bike (like, a Kawasaki green, or Honda-Castrol red/white...), just to confuse the hell out of people

this woman on our street...Oh, PAINT jobs!:smoke:

Sorry to hear its fooked, there is a place near Bluewater that does a good job, dunno who they are though!

Ultimate Bike paint in Keynsham near Bristol. geezer is the mutts nuts and charges accordingly I'll see if I can get his number for you. Only thing is for a total spray job I think he asks for the whole bike so he can see how it looks.

I DON'T recommend Dream Machine.They made a mess of my ZXR during an (totally unnecessary) insurance repaint. It looks ok from a distance but get closer and it's really thin.

Cheers. handy to know that Dream Machine aren't all that as they are the only spray company whose name is well known and i might have trusted them on that basis. Once it's done I'll get a mate to post some pics up so you can see what sort of tarts handbag I end up riding around on (I refuse to have chrome fitted though)

i heard moonies are good advertize in all the mags including autotrader I am told 6 weeks and about £800 later can have all the replicas or style of your ownalso my mates had his gixer stalker reped bydream machine and it looks awesome

give moonies a try,i ve seen some of there work and it is very tasty,

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