O Ring... or not.

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O Ring... or not.

The Fazer is in need of a new chain so of I go looking in the catalogues.Well feck me - HD 530 chain £20. O ring chain £40!!! Twice the price for some little bits of rubber?? Not what I call VFM!

Anyhow, whats the concensus on O ring chains? Worth the extra dosh or not? The way I see it, whilst the O ring claims to "keeps the grease in" it also does a good job of keeping any new lube you add OUT of the rollers. I reckon a well looked after HD chain would last just as long.

imhoA HD chain would stretch like old knicker elastic on one of them.Better off with an O ring for that sort of motor.The lubing is for the chain/sprocket interface and to carry the dirt away as it's thrown off (why scottoilers works so well)The propellent also thins the lube enough that the O rings will be moistened.HD is false economy in my experience.

O ring only.This is the required spec. Dont f*ck about with chains. When non o ring chain snaps the 90 hp your motor makes will be passed to the now loose chain to deliver any way it feels, mostly on your leg and on the crankcase.Ever had a enscaped 100 hp chain saw inches from the lef foot. It not fun in the outside lane of the M6.Pay the extraKFzPlus you will have to inform you insurance company that you have modiifed your bikes. If you dont and the chain causes an accident you will be in Sh*t.

Agreed! The O-ring chain properly cared for will way out last the HD one. Since you should replace the chain and sprockets as a set you will probably find that it is actually cheaper to buy the more costly chain in the long run. Not to mention having to deal with the damage from a snapped chain.

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