New full bodykit and respray

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New full bodykit and respray

Ok, two questions really if someone can give me some ideas -

1. Where can i get a second full faring for a '99 R1 and a tank - doesn't have to be painted, but i want the best quality for the cheapest price - would a breakers be best or getting a fibreglass replica etc etc? Help!!

2. Which is the best company to go to for a sprayed design on above acquired bodykit and tank - i have been in touch with Moonies but is there someone better - i'd rather have quality than best price on this one?

This is all to be done as a surprise for my other half with any luck

If anyone has experience of getting either, please post a reply as i haven't got a lot of time to get it all sorted - fairing...Merlin CoachworksKen or Mike Minns0191 386 6777Merlin coachworksfront streetpity medurhamExcellent geezers:burnout:

Try looking on the Ebay and th elike for people auctioning panels. Otherwise try my mate Tony, done a 1st class job on the 'fighters tank. 01483 275 258 he's in Cranleigh.Also does top airbrush work for lids and fancy designs.

I will follow up all leads thanks

Having just done the same thing have a look at the following you are feeling rich are supposed to the best, but come from the US.I went with Race Products and got seat, fairing and mudguard for an R6 for £250. They are very helpful and willing to negotiate.Dream Machine for painting, or Bike Paint?

It looks like i can probably get the bits of fairing and tank that i need for under £300 which isn't as bad as i had thought There may be one happy man in my house in a few weeks time

re above : if you are feeling rich are supposed to the best, but come from the do them just incase anyone wants to know - v.tasty kit :burnout:

Give Nev a call on 01474 852271, he get some really good deals and has carbon or GRP fairing.

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