New engine for Cagiva Mito evo?

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New engine for Cagiva Mito evo?

I recently got hold of a Cagiva Mito evo real cheap (£300) it's got everything minus the engine. I took a look on ebay at the Cagiva mito engines, because I need a 125cc engine for it (On my A1) and they were.... Pretty expensive (£375) for a complete engine.

My question, is there an alternative that won't require me to modify the frame majorly? I'm quite new to all of this, but I know enough to get by. I'm not confident in making modifications to frame though. Thanks!

If you're that new to biking then I think you'd struggle to get insurance on anything that has had a different engine fitted, not of the original "type" i.e. the same manufacturer and model.  

|Just Lie...and fit a 750 in it!!

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