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Need a bit help

Looking for a Restrictor Kit for a 1992 Honda CBR600F, cant find one anywhere, ebay one doesnt fit, garages up here charge too much, FI International didnt have one, anyone know anywhere where i can get one,

any help greatly appreciated, also anyone know of anyone who wud want to buy a 125?

so can anyone help?

1 Put the 125 into the bike's for sale board.2 repost, using your original question as the thread title.3 How much is too much out of interest? How much is the insurance on this bike for you?

£150, the insurance is £800, that was my quote over the phone

hi, My daughter has just also bought a Honda CBR600 F. She has just been told that the bike cannot be restricted for the A-2 licence. As its too powerful to begin with, and does not comply to the rules set out for restricting bikes for A-2 use

Indeed - the rules have changed. This thread originally started in 2007, when I think it was possible.

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