My Bike wont Start - Kymco Zing 125cc

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My Bike wont Start - Kymco Zing 125cc

Ive got a Kymco Zing 125cc that will not start.

Problem occured whilst riding around, went around a round-a-bout then shifted into 2nd suddenly loast all power and stopped. I could not start it up via electical or kickstart.

I managed to get my hands on a manual for it   and went through the checklists.

Batterie needs to be replaced but its ok, new spark plug, new CDi Unit and also ignition coil but none of these seem to have fixed the problem.

Anybody have any ideas? Manual doesnt help me as it looks like the above should ahve started the bike but they havnt.

Dad says theres a small spark on the spark plug, fuel lines are clear and he doesnt knwo what to do and is lost for ideas.

im haveing the same problem did u get it sorted thanxs ross

mattyspui sorry to here about your problem but where my i ask did you manage to get a service manual for this bike?

i have one and have to replace dodgy fuel tank gauge and havn't the foggyest on how to do so please direct me to where you got it.

thank you

did you make sure that the engine isn't seased is there enough oil in the tank? do you know if any water got into the engine? also you could just need a new cdi box! if the cdi is fried your bike wont start that is the brain after all! think you get them on ebay for like 15 quid.

sounds like you have water in the carb which is probably affecting the float and causing it be constantly flooded clean the carb!!

all so check the timing  

mainly the top end  

My brand new kymco 125 will not start what should I be looking for or doing to try and solve problem

Take it back from whence it should still have a warranty....

And do remember children...don't buy a Kymco 125 , unless you need a garden ornament.....

James - how long have you had the bike, when did the problem start? Presumably it rode home from the dealer OK at the very least...

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