Monoshock Removal

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Monoshock Removal

Hi, I'm trying to get my rear shock out and the bolt appears to be seized in the bush. Tried a hammer and punch and loads of penetrating oil but won't shift. Any alternative to cutting the bolt? Thanks.

Had to resort to sheer brutality. Shock so seized I had to grind through it close to the swingarm, then cut down through the bolts to get it free. Shock destroyed but new one going on now. Took the swingarm out and that was close to seizure as well, bike is only five years old and I reckon this type of servicing often gets missed. As there's no grease put in by the factory on assembly it would seem a good idea to strip a new bike before the rot sets in. Every bolt and nut I've removed has been like this. Bike is a Versys 650.

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