Meta M357T V2 Alarm Siren Volume Help!

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Meta M357T V2 Alarm Siren Volume Help!

Hi All ... Help! I have a Meta M357T V2 alarm on my TL1000R. Fitted a couple of months ago, all fine until last weekend and (I think, can't be sure) that when the fob was taken apart to fit the key into it (they come with fobs that take modified keys to save carrying around a separate fob) and the alarm went off (forgot to turn it off), something was reset and the alarm is now working fine but makes almost no noise, like the volume's been turned down. It was a 'self fit' and can get no sensible help from the people who sold it or from the collected wisdom of the internet. Does anyone know whether there's some volume setting that may have changed when the fob was taken apart and whether there's some instructions anywhere on how to program these things? bit beyond my small brain!  ... many thanks

I have the operating instructions and "programmable features" guides and can send you a copy if you like, but there is no feature to control the volume of the alarm when it sounds. If the alarm has become disconnected from the bike's battery and its internal battery has got very low then perhaps this would cause a low siren volume, but the alarm would also be giving you warnings about this on arming / disarming. If not, then it sounds like there's something wrong with the alarm unit - accidentally triggering it while mucking about with the fob shouldn't have done anything to the unit. It might be worth checking around the alarm unit itself to make sure nothing is muffling it.

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