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Meta M357T-V2 alarm fitting instructions

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Hi syllabus,

Believe it or not..... Meta alarms are not the most troublesome alarms!!!!

That aside, give me a call and I should be able to help you out!


07877 552759

Hi all
FANTASTIC "bikealarmman" aka "Pete"
Top bloke
Left message on here responded to within a few hours
Rang him up
He turned up earlier than expected (rarity these days)
Job done alarm - bike sorted
Most of all did NOT charge the earth!!
I will/would use Pete again
Thanks a lot top bloke

Aw Shucks!!!

Always a pleasure!


Hi Pete,

I phoned you earlier but got cut off. Thanks very much for the advice and time. I am very interested in the Gemel? unit you spoke about that can replace my Meta 357T. How much are they please?



Hi Andy,

£140 all in..... I think that I've only 2 left so if you want it, be quick. (PayPal to

Most other alarms are cheaper!!!! Sod's law!



 Hi guys im new here, but by the sounds of it for the same reason!!!!I Bought a meta m357tv2 and surprise surprise no fitting instructions or anything to point me in the right direction!!Can anyone help me or know where i can get some fitting instructions too?Many thanks. 


Nevis (the Meta UK distributor)tell me that official Meta dealers must not sell "unfitted" Meta alarms direct to the public. Also, Meta alarms must only be installed by authorised installers (who have fitting instructions, and complete/stamp and official installation certificate), otherwise the warranty is voided and possible insurance /insurance discounts may also be voided.

My advice is to be careful if you intend to fit it yourself, particularly if you are declaring it for insurance purposes. I have known insurers NOT to pay out on a theft or accident when the owner cannot produce a certificate signed by an installer!!!

I'm sounding like a right jobsworth!!!

Call me if you like?


07877 552759

RE the previous post, just to clear up a few inaccuracies,Firstly Vestatec is the UK distributor & not Nevis, they are probably a re-seller. Secondly there is no problem selling Meta alarms to anybody, anyone can fit or try to fit a Meta alarm the only difference between a dealer fitted alarm & a self fit is an approved dealer can officially supply a Thatcham certificate with it. A self fit alarm is just an alarm nothing more nothing less. There are ways round this of course, if self fitting make sure it is fitted to the Thatcham standard (IE all connections soldered, alarm securely mounted, seat switch installed, etc, etc) Take the bike to a local alarm dealer and for a nominal fee the dealer should certificate it for you providing of course it is fitted to this high standard.There are no warranty issues with self fit unless of course it was fitted by a numpty & the unit melted! Hope this is of help

I just fitted a plug & play replacement for my old M357 from abacus alarms, couldnt be easier took 5 minutes to swap over & saved a bundle on labour charges & its insurance approved. the web site is here

hi , just read ur post . yep i have the same trouble . the bike has been stored for 4 yrs . outside . the imobilizer doesnt wrk it got very wet .it is a meta system m357t-v2 . i just want rid of it .can u help . regards, richard .

If any one's interested I've got (what i can only assume are) the fitting instructions for the Meta M357T-V2. It's a list of wires numbers and colours their function and what they need to be connected to.

Hi Pete, my local bike shop has a Meta v2 or a data tool duo (Dallas key type) very old from memory.. Just wondering which would be best for my 99 RSV Milie.

I can install myself, fitted cobras & Clifford's in the past.

The data tool is ??110 and the Meta just a little more..

Which is better ?

Do you know if one is better over the other if I want microwave detection?

Thanks Pete, great job you are doing for everyone on here..

just bought a Meta, the Datatool was not an alarm.. Really could do with some fitting instructions, just knowing the colours would be all i need if anyone can help.     Darren

 Meta Alarm M357T-V2 Just come back from Spain,and while away my remote stopped working for a couple of days.Luckely I alway carry the spare when touring.It rained for three day so not sure if the rain was the fault or the battery It is working agian now however the range of operating has decreassed. Can the battery be changed in the remote fob without taking it to the dealers...????  

Yeah - batteries can be changed in the fobs. I've had similar oddities with my fobs in persistent wet conditions (i.e. months of rain in winter) - they seem to stop working, but once the weather drys out they're happy again. Replacing the batteries in the fob made no difference, but the spare fob was much better. Maybe try keeping the fob off the key-ring, and somewhere it can stay dry and cosy?

I've got a 357 v2 fitted to my 3 yr old diversion. Having all sorts of problems at the mo. Back up fuse keeps blowing. Then the alam fuse. Try to arm/disarm and get 4 blips then the indicators won't work until the engine is running. Must be shorting somewhere. Any bright ideas???   Theresa

Check the indicators aren't full of water or badly corroded and causing short circuits, then check the wiring to them isn't chaffed or cracked.

Hi All, I'm having problems with a 10(?) yr old Meta M357T V2. Suddenly both fobs have stopped working and the only way to disarm the alram / immobiliser is to use the security pin code... which is a complete pain in the ar5e! My thoughts are: 1, Both fobs need to be re-programmed (one fob has new batteries & the other batteries all test ok with a multi-meter) Can anybody tell me how to re-programme the fobs? 2, The internal battery has died in the alarm unit (though the LED on the dash does flash and does dis-arm using the 5 digit code - would this still work if the internal battery had died??) Finally, I'm not really intersted in replacing the alarm / immobiliser so can anbody tell me how to bridge the connectors?   Thanks!! Tony      

I have an 08 Moto Guzzi Breva fitted with a Gemel alarm using a single button fob.  I've had a non-starting problem last week which I think may be down to the alarm system - no response when the button is pressed and absolutely nothing from the starter even though I have a nearly new battery with good charge.  I disconnected the battery whilst checking the wiring and found when I put the battery back on, the bike started perfectly. All the relays and fuses are well seated and the wiring all 'looks' in good nick.  Have I reset something in the alarm when I took the bike battery off? Also, I've been worrying for a while about what happens if I lose the key fob - I bought the bike from ThreeWay Cross a year ago and they weren't able to help with the codes for the alarm system.  So, I suspect that if I do lose the key fob I will have a really big door-stop. What do you do in this position? Ian

Contact Gemel and find out if they can help. Otherwise your choice is to remove that alarm and fit another one I'm afraid. Or just remove it.

I just bought a meta 357tv2 on ebay. Comparing the wires from the unit with those on the diagram, there is an extra wire labelled “51NR”, with a purple tag; this is not mentioned in the diagram or the instructions – can anyone tell me what it does or connects to please? NM

Hi, about to replace my 357v2. Been good for 10 years. Would I be able to re-program my existing 2 key fobs with my new v2 and if so, how can it be done ? Thanks

my movement senor is not working on my m357v2 any ideas ? thanks

Did it used to work? If it's never apparently worked, then maybe the sensitivity is set too low - it can be adjusted but sadly only by adjusting the wiring.  

add pink to battery +?

Whenever I've installed an M357T-V2 all the wires have been black. Not sure what this "pink" is that you speak of...  

Hi, I believe my M357TV2's internal battery is dead. 10 yrs old. Both remotes' batteries are good but no response at all, the led doesnt flash anymore. I've measured for voltages on the disconnected alarms molex block - cannot see any across any of the pins yet on the bike side molex there is 12v in a couple of places. I presume I have to replace the unit? Abacus do them (-wiring loom) for £135 - Is this reasonable?

The terminals in the micro-switches in the remote controls can corrode or wear over time so even if the batteries are good, they may still not work.After 8 years I recently had to replace one of mine for this reason. My LED also stopped flashing - the wiring to it had corroded. I sorted this and it was fine. I wouldn't expect you to register 12V on the alarm side. Quite apart from the fact that you'd need to be measuring relative to the alarm's ground rather than the bike's, I'd expect the alarm's internal battery to be isolated to prevent other things on the bike draining it if there was a fault. If the fuse in the permanent connection to the alarm has blown then the alarm's internal battery will go flat. If the bike is left for a year or so without use or trickle charging then the bike's battery and subsequently the alarm battery will go flat. My alarm's 8 years old and still going strong - there's no reason that the battery should just fail suddenly, other than some fault in the alarm. SOO, are you sure the internal battery's still receiving power, and if so are you sure it's flat? BikeAlarmMan on here is very helpful and gives good service - probably worth asking him.      

Thanks for the ideas Tappy.
I swapped batteries over on remotes so known good ones are in the remote that's hardly ever been used. That should rule out the microswitch.
I've unravelled the tape and there's no dampness or corrosion evident where the led is soldered in.
The 15amp fuse is still ok. The bikes only been left for about a week unused and usually has my Maximiser3800 attached.
Erm.... I just noticed the charger flashing lights a bit strange. I think it's broken!!! It is reading the bike voltage when connected at 12.6V and is cycling on and off, the battery is actually reading 19.9V!! With my digital multimeter. It has obviously been overcharging my bike battery.
Maybe too much voltage has "spiked" the alarm - I've heard that can happen. In going to run the bike battery down to 12 -13V then check again.
Could 19V have damaged the meta?
If so can it be repaired?
I obviously need a new charger too dammit.

Figured out my multimeter is reading wrong. I'll get another but I have a feeling there's nothing wrong with the battery - an attached normal car 21w bulb glows but not too brightly.
Back to square one I think.

Oouch - I hope it hasn't been whacking 19V into the battery - that sort of voltage could blow the CDI etc too. Like you say - a £5 multimeter from Maplin should rule that in or out. If it's all OK, and the bike's only been left a week etc then it does just sound like the alarm's given up the ghost :-S

Ive ordered a new alarm - hopefully I can just plug it in to the wired in loom. Ebay was £30 cheaper

Let me know how you get on - I got the impression from the fitting instructions that each alarm has the wires in a different arrangement in the connector, but that was a long time ago and probably nonsense. It'd be good to know if I too will be able to plug & play if my current one ever goes pop.

Hi Guys, I've got a imported R1 2004 from England which has a Meta System alarm, this one:   It used to work, but suddenly it just stopped working. It doesn't respond to both my remotes, doesn't beep when I turn the ignition on/off. The bike still runs though. I have a red pin key code card which came with the system. What can be the cause ? Is it just dead. I tried disconnecting the power but still nothing. It's mounted under the buddy seat. If i listen closely I hear a vague ticking sound once every 30 seconds or so.

Ticking? It's a bomb! You can do the usual things like find the in-line fuse in the power supply to it and check that's not blown etc, but otherwise it does sound a bit dead. Generally if an alarm isn't getting charged by the bike then it lets you know way before it becomes a big problem...

Help needed, my meta alarm has give up the ghost any help would be fantastic... Thanks

Sorted the problem but thanks anyway  

Can anyone point me to where the alarm plug connector is on a 2016 vfr800? Been told there should be a connector that a meta or spyball alarm will plug straight in to, but I cannot for the life of me find it.

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