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Meta M357T-V2 alarm fitting instructions

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I own a suzuki dl650 and i have the meta 357t v2,but no instructions included.Can someone send me.thanksmy e-mail is:

OK, will do!

07877 552758


Did you get it OK?



Hi, changing the subject slightly. My meta M357T suddenly stopped working via the remotes today but will let you enter the 5 digit code and work that way.Doea anyone no if i can unplug this unit from the loom and replace it with the M357T V2 model as i dont think i will be able to buy my older model now.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Cheers, Ian.

Hi Ian,

Quite a common fault with the M357T this one (very annoying too)!

Meta don't make the alarms compatible.... got knows why because it would be so easy if they did, as the plugs are the same and the alarms look the same!

I may have a Gemel alarm in stock that I could sell you (they are made by the same factory that makes the Meta) that will plug in as you hope. The alarm is very similar, works exactly the same, has 2 remotes.

You may find an old M357T on eBay..... would be a bit of a gamble, but it's an idea?

You're welcome to call me if you want more info.

Good luck,

07877 552759

Thanks for all the help Pete

Hi Pete,I have a Meta alarm/immobiliser intalled on my bike but I am suspecting it to be responsible for the bike not starting: the EFI light blinks and the ECU auto-diagnostic identifies that the electrical circuit is cut as if the kill switch was off. Isn't it what the immobilser does?How can I completely disconnect the immobilser (and not just disarm it which doesn't work anymore)? Would the diagram help? If can you please send me the pdf at my email address: slimskhiri@hotmail.comIf the immobilser is indeed the cause of the problem, do you know whether the alarm can be fixed?Many thanks,Slim

Hi guys just a quick question, is it possible to code a spare key to m357t v2 without this coded card? or recode the alarm unit itself and be supplied with a new red code card? reason im asking is that i just brought myself a blade with said alarm but was not given this coded card by the previous keeper and i only have 1 key fob which is working fine at moment but just to be on the safe side would like 2.

In short, no, not possible.

hi pete/you seem to be very helpful/can you kindly supply me with alarm operating instructions for  my bike with a fitted01yr metam357thso as ican try to find out whats wrong with it as it no longer wishes to operate and i suspect its given up.i have had the bike 2 yrs but alarm was fitted on bike from new,alternatively can you advise on best alarm out there presently.regards seems to operate okay with alarm not working however had to replace battery recently (could this cause battery damage).thankyou.

Ooooops.... I see that there's a few questions been asked of me that I wasn't aware of...........

1) If anyone needs owner's guides for most alarms then email a request on, and I'm usually pretty quick sending them back.

2) To get a new remote programmed into a Meta, you must have both the 16 digit hexadecimal code and 5 digit PIN (company) code that are found on the red card (but should be also written on the installation certificate). You must order a remote from a dealer (such as me!!!!) giving your 16 digit code, then when you have it you need the 5 digit code in order to program it in.
This is more complicated and awkward than the other main alarms such as Acumen and Datatool!

3) If you have a none starting fault that may be an alarm/immobiliser issue, the best bet is to temporarily disconnect the alarm whilst overriding the immobiliser circuits then if the bike then starts you have proved the alarm to be the cause. I should be able to advise how you can do this.

4) Meta don't have an alarm repair service. The usual way to put a fault right is to replace the dicky unit or to remove it totally!

07877 552759

 To,BikermanHi Pete,I have just been reading your help advice on the net, I wonder if you could help me please,I have the Meta M357T-V2 fitted to my BMW r1100rs, I had the bike on an ultimate source charger over the winter and when I came to start the bike after servicing it failed to start, the battery was bone dry, so I have fitted the new Oddessy battery and the bike stars and runs well but, when the alarm is set the led flashes but the indicator don't flash then after 30s the alarm sounds  and it cancels ok with the remote. I had not noticed the indicators flash before when the alarm was set , I only noticed a bleep after about 20s when the ignition was turned off and then when I came to start the bike I had to press the remote to be able to start the bike.Now Ican just start the bike with out having to reset the alarm nor does it bleep after 20s when I emove the ignition key. I have only had the bike just before winter so could there have been something wrong before?I have the red card and certificate of installation but no wiring details to check any thing.Is it dooomed or fixable? I would be grateful if you could supply any Information to help me. I am technical and have a multimeter to test out things if it helps and I live in South Yorkshire. Thanking you in anticipation for your reply.Regards.Michael Walker

Hi Michael,

I know that we've just had a chat on the mobile, but here's a reply so others can see..........

Your Meta was beeping 4 times (and no indicators) when you press the remote which normally means that the alarm's fuse has blown, but I have known this to be an internal fault too, so............. make sure that the fuse is good and that there is power getting through it, then unplug the alarm and check that there is no signs of corrosion or overheating.

If the fuse is good then it's likely the alarm will need to be removed or replaced........ I can help you here so you're welcome to call 07877 552759.

To Bikerman,got a Kwak with a Motec M357T V2 fitted.out riding today and bike just died.just had new battery on bike and in both fobs,plenty of power to lights etc. etc. the alarm didnt arm itself in the 3/4 hour waiting for recovery, nor did it go off when man handling into back of a too small van to get home.assume its an alarm fault. been having problems this year but always assumed it was fobs, hence new batteries.want to take it off now, doing a 1000mile in 24hr ride next saturday (19th) june.desparate, dont even know what one of these things look like!any help much appreciated....Hagar

Hello Hagar,

It's almost certainly failed...... BUT there's checks that should do and I have a few questions -
Are you sure you have a Meta alarm (You say "Motec" above!)? If you want to know what they look like, you can take a look at my website or just google it.
When you say "the alarm didn't arm itself", what do you mean? (the alarm shouldn't arm itself) The immobiliser sets 50 seconds or so after the ignition is switched off..... do you mean that it doesn't respond to the remote controls?
You really need to see if the alarm's fuse is intact..... even if it isn't this DOESN'T explain why your Kwak stalled/cut out (terrifying!!!!), so you need to move some plastic and have a good look at both the alarm and it's wiring and the bike's wiring. You're looking for chaffed wires, corroded or loose connectors etc. I have known Kwak junction/fuseboxes to cause bizarre faults but I still think it's a likely alarm issue, so disconnect the alarm and look and smell it!!!! Is there signs of overheating or a "Scalextric" smell????!
Assuming that it's the alarm at fault - Can I assume that your alarm is "out of warranty"? If so, where are you? Maybe you could buy a replacement unit and simply "plug it in" before next weekend?
Give me a call when you like,
07877 552759

Hi, I have the same problems as most in this thread..... i can overide with the 5 digit but nothing else.. I have multimeterd out the plug and with putting links in Certian parts of the connector... I can start my bike. I was just wondering is there any other wires i should be worried about?Can any one help please

Tis a common problem.......... if you know which 2 pairs of wires to link that's great, but it's really important that you disconnect the alarm totally (from it's plug). This prevents any chance of a faulty alarm causing short circuits etc!

Also, please don't be tempted to link out using paper clips or split pins!!!!! The wires should be bared, twisted together and soldered!

Give me a call if you're in a muddle!


Thanks for the chat Pete..... It took the weight off my mind ... You know when you worry about nothing Top Guy ... Knows his stuffCheers Mark.

Hi PeteYou're obviously the man when it comes to these things - I have an M357T fitted to my CBR and as just as another poster above experienced, I put it to bed Sat night 10pm and set the alarm fine, came down Sunday morning and suddenly both remotes didn't work.  I CAN disarm it by using the keycode and the messing about with the ignition.I can't be sure that the second fob's battery didn't die a while ago, so I thought it might be battery - I've opened the fobs up and they have Panasonic written on them and they are 3V but that's call I can see - they are held in place by a metal strap that is soldered to the PCB so I can't change it.The code card I have has both the 16-digit code and the 5 digit PIN.  Does this mean you can code a fob for me and we should be good to go?   Also - the keyfob is the round black one with a black button - about an inch across.Many thanks! Duncan

Hi Duncan,
Meta remotes hardly ever fail..... so you won't have two that have failed! The two little batteries in the remote will simply slide out in their little circular holder!!! (This isn't your problem though!)
Try the usual, disconnection of the bike battery (neg terminal only will do) and leave overnight.......... very occasionally when you reconnect and switch the ignition on, it will burst back into life. Other than that, disconnect the alarm and check it's plug isn't corroded or burnt..... if it's corroded up, clean it all out with WD40 or similar and then try.
It's very likely that your alarm has blown a gasket and will need removing...... sorry!
You're welcome to call me (perhaps tomorrow) for a bit more advice.

Darn... I'll give that a go tonight but I had previously disconnected the battery for about 4 hours to no effect - I'll let you know - thanks Pete, Duncan

Hi. I have an r6 with a meta m357tv2 but only got 1 fob and no red card. I have the chance of a cheap m357tv2:1. Is it just a case of swapping the unit over or Is it not that simple.


hi , not sure if you use this site anymore,   i have a yam fazer 1000 with a meta m357t wich this morning i was about to take bike for mot wouldnt start , darn meta has finally given up it was fitted by previous owner in 2001,  no wiring diagram ive been through the loom and have 6 wires left which theres no where to reconnect them ,all 6 black coming out of the loom then connect to mets 6 black wires, do you or anyone know what to do next  ?please ,   andy   roger-d,  07947250103

Most Yamahas have plugs (or a single plug for Triumphs) somewhere in their looming so that aftermarket "plug-in" alarms can be simply and quickly connected (usually by technicians at main dealers).

For fairly obvious reasons, I'm not a fan of the "plug-in" system. (i.e. if you can easily plug the alarm/immobiliser in, then you can easily unplug it, oh and it does me out of a job too!!!)

Most bike alarms will be "hard-wired" (soldered) and I and many others would basically chop these plugs off, wire by wire, soldering the alarm's black wires to the bike's black wires to make a neater and more secure job of it.

For the layman, it is an awkward job to remove a failed bike alarm's wiring when all the connections are black wires..... so you have to be sure you know which are the immobiliser wires. If you know the alarm connector's pin-out information then you are sorted, otherwise LEAVE THINGS ALONE.

Please call me for further information, but note that I will require proof of ownership and identity before I give any information about insurance approved systems.


Hi, i have a Kawasaki with a Gemel alarm fitted,  the alarm was already fitted when i bought the bike last year and it also came with a spare plug in Meta 357t-v2 just incase the gemel packed in.My problem is that about 3 months ago when the ignition is off the alarm makes a noise like a fax being sent down a telephone (sort of high pitched squeeling if you know what i mean ?) If i arm the alarm and then set it of it sometimes stops the noise.I have tried the Meta but it does'nt seem to want to work so i bought another one of ebay and plugged that in and that does'nt seem to work either .  Can anyone advise me what i am doing wrong or if they are actually compatible as i have no instructions to use as a guideline.Thanks in advance

If you had a Gemel E587T alarm, it is made at the same factory as Meta alarms, but the M357T (an old model)is the only one that is compatible (i.e. the only one that will plug in and work!!!). The newer version 2 (M357T-V2)is not compatible with the plug.
If you're in a muddle you're welcome to call me...... 07877 552759

Cheers Pete ill give you a call, nice one  and thanks for the quick reply.

Hi Pete i know you said a m375t is the only one that will work, what about a m357a ?? just thought id ask cos there is one on ebay  

Hi allNot sure if anyone will be able to help me, but I'll ask anyway! I've recently bought a bike with a Meta m375t fitted, with the sale I got one key fob and the 5 didgit pin code only, no 16 digit code.My understanding is that if the one key fob I have ever breaks I won't be able to add a new one without the 16 digit code, therefore alarm will become redundant.Cheers Simon 

hi guys.

I have a meta m357t alarm/immobiliser fitted to a honda fireblade.

Yesterday morning when pressing the fob the indicators flash but there was no beep. Tried shaking bike to set alarm off but nothing happens. No flashing lights or sound. As i live in a flat my bike is parked on the street and having no alarm worries me greatly.

Any help would be appreciated.

alright u fellas out there,can anyone of u give me some advice plz, i have a kawasaki 1500 mean streak 2002. Its got a meta 357 alarm system on it everything was working ok ie; immobiliser came on after 50 secs, set the alarm with the fob before 50 secs, indicators flashed all ok. Till yesterday went out for a blast when got back went to set the alarm nothing the immobiliser won,t arm, the alarm won,t arm, tried both fobs, the little LED light don,t flash, indicators don,t flash its if there is,nt an alarm system on the bike. Any help would be much appreciated plz bare in mind i know nothing about them.many thanksbikedevil   

pezperona wrote (see)

My understanding is that if the one key fob I have ever breaks I won't be able to add a new one without the 16 digit code, therefore alarm will become redundant.


gixerwill wrote (see)

hi guys. I have a meta m357t alarm/immobiliser fitted to a honda fireblade. Yesterday morning when pressing the fob the indicators flash but there was no beep. Tried shaking bike to set alarm off but nothing happens. No flashing lights or sound. As i live in a flat my bike is parked on the street and having no alarm worries me greatly. Any help would be appreciated.

To start with - use google, or go here for the user guide - it'll show you how to look for error codes & understand what your alarm's trying to tell you.

Hi, I've been searching for installation instructions for my Meta M357T V2 alarm which suddenly deceided not to respond to the key fobs.I have since  been intouch with a Meta Regional Service Centre (Safe and Sound Motorcycles 01442 478936) and have been advised the alarm unit may have died. They can send out a replacement for £170 including P & P (couple of days turn around).This includes a new unit 2 key fobs and a new 5 digit pin. The new unit will plug straight into  the old wiring loom, the technician stated.Also whilst searching for installation instructions I have come across this site for user instruction manuals for various makes of alarms which some may fine useful anyone has any fitting instructions for the Meta M357T V2 alarm I would be extremely grateful as this would come in handy if the alarm fails again so I can RIP IT OUT.Tab88

Hi,This message is for Pete (bikealarmman) I have a Kawasaki Zx7R P2 fitted with a META  M357A  alarm/immobiliser.  And like everyone else's on here it has gone haywire.  It all started a month ago I took the battery off for charging as I've done at least a dozen times over the 4 years I have owned this particular bike, and when I fitted the battery back the unit beeped twice and the indicators flashed which I think is normal.  But when I pressed my fob to disarm the unit there was absolutely no sound, did the same thing several times and nothing not a beep.  so I put my key in the ignition and turned it on and the alarm goes off and the only way I can stop it is by disconnecting the battery earth lead.  I have tried new batteries in the fob and I've even had the old and new tested and there is more than enough juice in both sets of batteries so I dont know what to do except take the bloody thing off my bike.  so do you have a wiring daigram for a M357A  as I desperately need to sell this bike to pay for a divorce.... honestly this isn't my year...any help would be greatly appreciated.ThanksPete W/forum/smilies/tongue_out_smiley.gif[/img]] 

Sorry the above should be META M351A alarm/immobiliser.Cheers Pete W

I have a Meta 357t fitted to my Gsxr 750, There has been a few times when ive been out on the bike that the Hazards have started flashing and ive spent ages trying to turn them off, (which in each case i did eventually.) It was fitted by the previous owner hence i have no Certificate or Orange card for it. Now i have read all these problems that people have had with them i am wondering whether i should have it removed before the inevitable occurs and i get stuck somewhere miles away from home with no idea what to do... is there any simple maintenance that can be carried out on them to prevent failure???                                  Regards Gary. 

Yet another problem with the Meta 357T alarm on a 2002 ZX7R - Tried waking the bike the bike after its winter sleep - charging the battery first - and the alarm just goes off when the ignition is turned on. Alarm wasn't set prior to storing bike for winter and has been fine up until now. NO effect with either of the key fobs = tried changing the battery in the fob also to no avail. Only way to silence the alarm is to disconnect the bike's battery. I have the original alarm paperwork with the bike - including the 5 character pin - does this need re-entering to reset the alarm ? The alarm led light was  broken by the previous owner so I've no way of knowing whether the alarm is armed or not and could make a pin reset awkward.Alternatively does anybody know of a good mobile bike mechanic in Souths Linc (Grantham area)  who could just rip this thing out and get the bike running ? Thanks Alan

Just brought a varadero 125 for my son. Its been off the road for 2 years with no battery. Its got a 357t fitted but the remote won't arm or disarm the alarm.Changed batteries in remote but still nothing.I have got the 5 digit code which we can disarm the alarm with the key sequence but the imobilser sets itself after about 50 seconds.
can anyone suggest what i could do to get remote working with the alarm.


Had Pete fit new alarm on my blackbird cos the old one was JIGGERED.
this is a TOP BLOKE who certainly knows his stuff and a REALLY NICE guy with it.
Cheers Pete your a diamond.

I have the fitting instructions for the Meta M357t-V2.Tell me how to get it to you and I will. I'll video it and put it on you tube, under Meata M357t-V2 or something of that combination. If a theif is playing with the wires to your alarm, that means your bike has already been stolen as wires are hidden, So to the Dealers of Meta, Rot in you know where, I will always try to get this info to the public, As we paid for the product and that makes it ours, your product does have it's share of problems and it costs us more money each time it cocks up.

Wow never knew the insurance companies favorite insistance was such a troublesome thing. I was made to fit it to my K2 when I brought new. I guess in fairness the alarm is now 9 years old.

However 1 too have a problem that Pete has more or less covered. My GSXR1000 alarm now bleeps 4 times on arming, which I believe relates to the alarm internal battery being in a lower charge rate than the new main battery I have fitted. Everything seems to work ok, bike starts, indicators blink no problem, however after the 4 bleeps on arming a 5th longer bleep is heard.

1. Can anyone advise what the 5th longer bleep means?

2. Will the internal alarm battery charge eventually level with the new battery or does the internal battery need replacing?

Many thanks in advance.

I also have a META M357T fitted to my RSVR, I was out the other day and pulled over to make a phone call, when i got back on to start the bike I pressed the fob and hey presto nothing happened. Replaced the batteries and tried the other fob and still nothing. My thoughts are that the fob's need to be re coded, can this be done as there is no instructions for that part in the usless instructions I have, or do they need to be sent away to be recoded?

hi! iI need to disconect META M357T-V2. Somebody have an instruction of this alarm ssytem or manual?

My RD350LC had an Oakwall alarm fitted until recently but it went U/S so I got hold of a Meta M357T-V2 to replace it. I've got an installation guide but working through it not all the wires from the alarm are listed? NR4,5,6,7, and 8 aren't mentioned? I guess these are model specific connections for the immobiliser? Can anyone e-mail any clues which ones to use to block the ignition on an LC? Cheers

4 & 5 are for ignition immobilisation.4 goes to the supply side of the engine's ignition "cut" circuit, 5 goes to the "load" side. 6 is for AC ignition bikes only.7 & 8 are for starter immobilisation.My instructions clearly list them so I'm wondering if you've got incorrect or incomplete instructions. If you send me your email address I'll send you some.

Hi thereWOW Meta alarms have some issues dont they!!I am hoping to contact Pete (bikealarmman)You will have gussed it Pete I have issues with a Meta alarm and would like it sorting out please Looking foward to talking to you shortly (I hope)  Cheers a Lot

Hi Mutley,

07877 552759 is my number.... call me tomorrow sometime!



Hi. i currently have a meta alarm wired into my 98 fireblade. I didn't know it was there until i started striping the bike for painting. i have no alarm fobs and have no interest in having a meta alarm as they are possibly the most troublsome alarms i've ever come across my qs is, how likely is it that it will be easy to remove??

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