Meta M357T-V2 alarm fitting instructions

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Meta M357T-V2 alarm fitting instructions

I need the cable chart to tell you where the colour coded cables go to what part of the bike
SOOOOOOOOOOO has anyone got the fitting instructions by any chance

Tar very much

Hi. Just bought the same alarm off eBay & quelle surprise, no fitting instructions, Meta won't dish them out either - my fault, should have checked.Never seen this with other alarms & I am NOT paying 200 quid ransom demanded by fitters. Did you have any joy finding a diagram at all??Cheers, Chris

as far as im know (someone will correct me if im wrong ) it is a thatchem approved alarm after all so should not be so easy to install and they have more than one way to be conected so unless you know an approved fitter or someone that used to fit them ,my local yamaha dealer could not do anything to mine cept call out an approved fitter £50 lighter then when i moved lost the red card that keeps the info i need if i lost the remote so mine now cant be reprogramed if it goes wrong again

cjsquermy wrote

Never seen this with other alarms & I am NOT paying 200 quid ransom demanded by fitters. Did you have any joy finding a diagram at all??Cheers, Chris

Well, I wire all sorts of PLC's and control gear and wot nots. The alarm itself is easy to fit, BUT what you need is the diagram telling you where the cables go, this is why all the black cables on the alarm are numbered and colour coded, this is why meta keep the info from you and the only poeple who have the info are the registered engineers......hence the rip off price to install the alarm.......Diagram provided = easy to install....NO Diagram = impossible to install......At the moment i am waiting for the guy i bought it off to supply the diagram, so if i get it i will post it to anyone who wants it, and will even help if i can.....

I have just read your message about getting fitting instructions, did you manage to get them. I'm in the same boat, I ready have a Meta 351A fitted, I have bought the 357 TV2, as an upgrade, as the one fitted has recently failed. I did call a meta agent, who told me I had to pay again to have this new model fitted, even thou the loom and multi plug are similar. I'm sure it does need rewiring, but I'd like to fit this myself, and save £175 or so. If you could help, I would be grateful.Many thanks Alan

I bought one and also managed to find some instructions. I'm afraid I can't remember what site I got them from, but I had to pay a tenner or so. Think it might've been an italian site.Pretty easy to fit, but you'd have to convince me pretty hard to give you the instructions - makes life easier for thieves if it's widely known.My own choice for fitting them was the state of the old Meta alarm on there - who ever fitted it was an indelicate monkey - I'd rather have the confidence of a job well done when wiring an immobiliser onto my bike...

Whereabouts are you? Might give you a hand fitting it if you're not too far away.. Tho' obviously I won't be held liable for anything going wrong...

i know the locations and the colours if you pm me, going offline now though so i will reply tomorrow, dave

Hey tappy, Hope you can help me out here. Bought an SV650 a month back. Meta 357T fitted. Went to collect the bike and she wouldn't start - battery was flat. Shop got the young lacky to change battery. Job done. Now the fun stuff, took the seat off the other day and see a red wire sitting beside the battery! Figure it's coming from the meta but not exactly sure. Anyhow I connected it to the positive on the battery - red wire, connect to red terminal...  Alarm was working previously, I just figured it was lying beside the battery and belonged on it... Any ideas would be appreciated mate. Can take a photo if that would help. Cheers, Stephen

You'll find PMs are better for attracting specific people's attention.BUT, the Meta alarm's wires are all black with colour coded ends (these coloured ends are removed when fitting the alarm) so the only way the red wire is connected to the alarm is if someone's fitted something else - such as a secondary siren - or grafted a piece of red wire onto the end of one of the alarm wires..Photos are always good.Any ideas? Yeah - take the red wire off the battery again and see if the alarm starts working again... 

I have not bought a meta m357 yet, but i am thinking about it. before i do can someone send me the fitting instructions just incase i do not get any with the alarm. i have seen them ot the internet fir £145.00 i have been quoted £299.00 to have one fitted.

just had r1 stolen and it had a meta 357v2 on it so handing out diagrams amongst readers should be a no no for everyone really.  I have just purchased another bike and have to get a meta fitted.  I have also seen them for £145 on tinternet, but believe me after you have had  a £7K bike nicked and spent months arguing with your insurers it seems a small price to pay to have it professionally fitted.  And of course they give you an installation certificate too, which your insurers want to see should it be stolen..... Take it from me it is a no win situation im afraid....  I'm pretty handy with electronics too an could also do without paying the highway robbers their exorbitant installation fee  but having had my pride and joy stolen - I would now pay it all day long.  As it is a case of having to otherwise I wont get the thing insured.Hindsight.....!Let me know if you find an decent installation engineers that are not trying to become millionaires from us bikers...

i just had to swap looms on my 750, now i have a meta alarm on the old loom, my soldering isnt that good,so need a good fitter but theres none about,none to come out and isntall it, i think becuase they are not makin money on the order they dont want to fit an alarm. i can see where the wires are to go, but bike looms have a sort of coating and dont solder well,unless u scrap it off 1st,would rather pay to have a good job but looks like i will need to do something myself, maybe use scotch locks ha ha maybe......

Bike looms solder fine if you clean the wires a bit and use plenty of flux paste. For god's sake don't bodge it - it'll only leave you stranded or go off while you're enjoying a ride. You've only to read the posts on here to see how many alarms cause problems even when then supposedly fitted properly. 

hi i have a meta M357T-V2 but dont have wiring diagram common prob i c can any1 help

Yep .

I've got one of these alarms fitted to my 04 R1 track bike, I want the bugger removed.I've got the sub frame removed, and the alarm box with a couple of leads are hanging around the tail unit.First person who PM's me how to remove it, can have it, together with the 2 key fobs, alarm etc, and the certificate of installation.

As post above, alarms are the one thing to get done professionally if you get an insurance discount for them - without a certificate of installation your insurance is more or less invalid for theft.

The only reason you would want to fit an alarm like this is because they are difficult to rewire. If Meta made it easy for anyone to rewire their alarms it would defeat the object of fitting one in the first place. They really are fit once devices and are specifically designed to be difficult to remove. As for rip off prices, how much would you want to be paid to rewire someones bike? Let's say they live fifty miles away, it's pissing with rain and the client has just bought a rats nest of wiring off eBay?Screwd. 

Hi I have one of these fitted to my aprilia and it works fine my brothering laws however doesn't. The indicators don't flash and the self arming imobiliser doesn't. Can somebody help me in the right direction or give us a clue to a wiring diagramCheers Tim

hi my meta has packed up but have found the wiring code (pin out from connector block) for the 357t and the 357tv2 also i know how to bypass the alarm so you can start the bike and get goingemail me if you require helpgixermark

hi there ive got the 357t and its goosed . can you tell me how to bypass the bugger please.Gaz

I can, no problem, but you would have to call me first...... so that I can verify it's the alarm and that you aren't a thief!!

I bit late I know, but useful to know if you're in a similar position..... the old Meta M351a, old M357T(H) and current M357T-V2 (Version 2, both revisions) use the same Molex type plug/socket but NONE ARE COMPATIBLE!!!!
Although unbelievably unhelpful, you cannot plug the current alarm into an old failed alarm's loom, because the internal wiring is completely different.

For information, I can sometimes get old alarm units, some second hand that could save someone a few quid if you're in the mire!

You're welcome to call me if you need further info!


Hi Again,
I could have sorted you out with a new replacement "V2" for £130 all in (and I have most alarm diagrams for nothing!!!).
All the best,
07877 552759

HiI have just stripped a Meta 35T alarm from my RSV Mille Aprilia.I rejoined the wires from the loom that had been cut to join the alarm, but the bike wont let me refitt the battery.Even without the ignition key the rev counter needle clicks and vibrates.The female part of the multiplug that was the main feed for the alarm had been soldered on to the alarm and is part of the bike, but I can not see anything that it was attached to originally, it would appear the multiplug has been removed from something which is now missing from the bike.Any ideas would be really helpfull as I am stuck.ThanksSteve.

Hi Steve,

If the alarm and it's wiring are completely removed from your bike, then I suspect that you have connected something wrongly!!!

Can you give me more info re wire colours that you have connected back up etc?

If you are in a muddle you're welcome to give me a call on 07877 552759.



Did you get it sorted Steve?

Hi, I'm trying to remove a meta m357t-v2 from an R1 1999. I'm putting it on the track and want it removed????? can anyone help?????

I can - if you would like to call me, I could probably talk you through it!
07877 552759
(bear with this number...... we're having all sorts of trouble with the 3 network at the moment!!!)


Hi Pete are you still involved in alarm installation etc I have a 357tv2 and have a few questions if you could help me please let me know
Thanks Gary

Hi Pete, tried what you said but still nothing. I noticed the neutral light isnt on and the rev counter flicks on and off??? cheers mate, Mel.

hi guys    i have a cbr 600 03 with a meta m357 tv2 alarm i have just changed the indicators and now the bike will not start. the alarm arms and disarms but the indicators no longer flash. if i try to activate the hazards to work with the alarm i can hear the alarm clicking (as same noise as hazards would make) can any help me please..........?

What did you replace the indicators with? Were they LED ones by any chance? Did you connect them the right way round - live to live, and earth to earth etc?Can't help thinking the lack of starting is an unrelated coincidence at the moment. What wiring did you disturb in fitting the new indicators?

Replaced them for some standard indicators not led's as did not want to mess around with relays etc... got the bike to start now although still do not get the indicators to flash when i arm disarm the alarm. have followed steps in instructions to sync them but nothing. only thing that does hapen is the alarm beeps 4 times when armed instead of twice now.. is this the battery on the alarm?

Yeah - the 4 beeps means that the alarm's internal battery back-up has a lower state of charge than the bike battery. This shouldn't be able to happen if the alarm is wired to the bike properly as the bike's battery & charging system will keep the alarm's battery topped up. Hence sounds like a wiring problem. Did you find the cause of the bike not starting?

Hi GuysI have a M357T V2 alarm fitted to my 2001 CBR929RR. I want to change the battery in the alarm key fob before the start of the summer, as it's at least 3 years old. Unfortunately I didnt get the red card with the individual alarm's codes when I bought the bike. I am concerned that if I take the battery out to replace it that the keyfob wont work and the bike will be immobilzed.Any advice would be appreciated.  

You should be able to replace your remote control's batteries without any sort of problem.......... the memory of your remote control is held inside the alarm box on the bike!


Cheers I'll open the remote and see what type of battery is required. David 

The batteries in both my remotes are both soldered in - can't be replaced. Instead you have to get a new remote and your alarm programmed with it, for which you need the red-card.Let me know if you get away with something else 'cos I reckon I'm gonna need to do one of mine soon!

The battery in the alarm key fob is a CR1220. Its not soldered in because I had to move it slightly to read the model number. I'll try and get one tomorrow and let you know how I get on.

DeeH's info is quite correct..... there are two batteries definitely not soldered and very easily replaced.

Thanks for pointing out there are two batteries, I assumed it was just one thick battery! Got a pair of CR1220 batteries from the local car parts shop. £3.50 for the pair, so cant complain. Changed them over and the immobilzer seems to be working fine.Cheers!


I've never known a Meta alarm to not work because the remote batteries are replaced, unlike when you replace the bike's battery (especially after it has gone flat) when the M351a will often fail and ocasionally the M357T and M357T-V2s...... then you can only hope to "reset" it in some way by leaving the battery disconnected overnight and hope for the best when you reconnect!


Just bought a bike with a M357T-V2 alarm, I need some user instructions, can anyone help

Give me your email address and I will send you them as a PDF file



Hi pete. my email address is any tips for problems with the alarm and how to get over them would be much appreciated. Thanks Alastair

Tis done!

Hi I have just bought an R6 which has a Meta M357T-V2 alarm but surprise,surprise, no manual.Does anyone know where I acn get one from please?Also,the belly pan has a big stone chip on it so I need to get it re-sprayed.Can anyone anywhere where is good.I'm in South West London.Thanks,Paul

Hi Paul,
Let me know your email address and I'll send it over (as a PDF file).
My email address is


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