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Hi Pete, Cheers for the info, you seem to be the man in the know Ill have a check of the alarm fuse later when i get chance and see if this fixes the problem. Is it normal for the alarm to go off because of this fault?  All the other info i could find suggested that when other people have had this fault it didnt sound the alarm.Cheers, Mart 

Well unfortunatly im still sat at work because im stuck here untill the recovery service show up... Yep the bike wont start now, AA have been out a pointed to the alarm or imob not letting the bike start. the engine will turn over but no ignition.The AA guy put a tester across the + terminal of the alarm fuse and it was only showing 3 volts? isnt the alarm unit 12v? If this is the case could this be why the alarm thinks it has lost connection to the bike battery?Im tempted to just rip the whole thing out and not have one but this will effect my insurance premium  

YOu're right, the bike and alarm work on 12V, so you would expect to read 12V both sides of the fuseholder..... if less then you may have a flat battery?
It's a bit frustrating to diagnose remotely so next time you're with the bike give me a call!
07877 552759

Just might give you a call Pete, ive just got back from work so ive locked the offending item in the garage until i have a min to look at it... more than likely tomorrow after work.

I think the low voltage reading could have been because i had been trying to start it before the AA guy came and a few times while he was there.

Cheers Mart

Any time Mart... up to you!

Let's hope some one can help I've got a meta alarm all was working fine but know I have four little blips and no lights or clocks coming on but I can still start bike has the meta got own battery is this dead if so where the he'll is it

Hi Trickstar,
If you have a Yamaha it will be the "back up" fuse in the Yamaha fusebox that has blown!? (obviously it may have blown for a reason, such as a failed alarm or a short on your indicator circuit, but that's for later!!!). Check that first!
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Hi pete
Thanks for the feed back I've got a GSXR 750 K4 I'll have to check the fuse when I get back tonight I've just changed my rear lights to a combination indicators and rear lights and did blow a fuse on indicators but replace it but will have another check many thanks

Then definitely one of the two problems...... alarm fuse (whatever value, it's best to replace it with a 15A miniblade) OR the nightmare scenario of the alarm failing internally which does happen sometimes.... fingers crossed!
This problem happens regularly when people dabble with Suzuki indicators, because one side indicators are powered by a BLACK wire (Most would think that this is the negative wire but it's not! The negative wires are all BLACK/White)

Pete, i was going to ring you but it was abit late by the time i got in the garage to have a look at it.

Its not a flat batt as the batt has been on charge all night.

The factory fit immobilizer light is not flashing anymore so im guessing that it isn't getting power through the alarm unit. could be the 3.8V read out on the main alarm fuse.

I also noticed when the alarm is connected there is a very fait noise coming from the alarm unit?? i only heard it as i have all the rear plastics off and i had my head near the alarm. Its very quiet almost to quiet to hear. It sounds like the alarm is going off but very very faint ...

I get the impression the alarm is knackered and needs to come out.

Hi pete
Thanks again for the advise I've disconnected back lights to try and rule out wiring problem but still no ignition lights coming on .
Still looking for the alarm fuse ? Hope to find but the alarm can still be set but does make four bips so would had thought the fuse would be ok ? Will have another look for fuse hope to find but it's looking like I need to book it in some where any tips to who could solve this problem in the Bedfordshire area
Many thanks

Hi again!
1) With the battery charger discnnected, turn your ignition on.... can you turn all the lights on (including main beam, indicator and brake) and see if they are all still nice and bright? (It does seem like a lack of power.... however, this could still be the alarm!).
2) If the indicators are not flashing when you arm/disarm, you really need to find that fuse! If you cannot find an alarm fuse, it MAY be that the alarm installer has used a supply that shares the "FUEL" fuse in the bike's fusebox so it might be worth checking that too.
Do you know whether you have a M357T or the newer M357T-V2 (version 2)?
I wouldn't have minded if you had called me late on last night.... I was in my workshop rewiring a KTX!!!!
Pete 07877 552759

Well after all that it wasnt the alarm at fault at all!

The alarm was giving the power loss fault because there was an interruption to the supply to the alarm.

It turns out there was a bad connection on the control unit that was interrupting the supply to the alarm.. but it was also cutting the supply to the immobilizer hence the bike wouldn't start.

Huge thanks to Pete (bikealarmman) really knows his stuff! and without his diagnosis i would have had the loom stripped to bits...

After a good chat to him i shortly found the fault

Cheers mate, owe ya one.


Well done Mart!!! (Not ALL alarms go wrong!!!!)

Quick question on same topic, how can you tell which alarm you have? I bought the bike with one already installed, and its a META but I have no idea what model....Cheers.

Look on the back of the alarm mate, there should be a yellow sticker that tells you the model.

hey there  im having big probelms with my alarm, i bought the bike sv650 and i didnt pick up the alarm instructions.. the fob says meta so here i am. the battery was completely dead and so i charged it. now all lights work and i hear the electrics, except even with new batteries in the fob i cant find anywhere on the internet the sequence i need to take the immobiliser off . ive searched the bike and cant see the alar so i think its tucked under the tank.. any suggestions? thanks dave

Hi Dave..... I'm just going out for a bite to eat! This might be a long one so if you don't mind, would you give me a call anytime tomorrow?
07877 552759

Dave.... Are you sorted? Did you ring me? (I get a dozen calls a day!!!!!)

hey,  i seem to have a major problem with my SV.  i only bought it 4 days ago for work (i'm a courier in the city)  it had been totally fine.  came home tonight, and no problem.  half an hour later, went outside to pop down the shops and totally nothing.  disarmed as usual, lights and beep sounded, nothing out of the ordinary.  turned on ignition and nothing... no instrument panel lights, nothing at all.  can turn on headlight only, indicators not working, horn not aorking, rear light/brake light not working.  i am puzzled.  have checked all fuses, its a M357T.  i am stuffed and totally frustrated.  to be working fine then half an hour later completely disables my bike!  i hadn't touched anything electrical, in fact, hadn't touched anything.  have checked all switches, ie side stand clutch lever etc.  really hope someone can help me.Paul

Good choice for a courier bike - I used to have loads of fun on mine hooning into central London on Friday afternoons I fitted an M357TV2 to mine years ago and have never had any problems but shit does happen.If you haven't already got one I can send you a copy of the SV wiring diagram, and the installation instructions for the 357TV2 if it helps you check stuff.My bike's an early "curvy" so depending on what you've got the following might be a little different: The fact you've got no instrument panel lights suggests to me that the alarm isn't the culprit - installed correctly it shouldn't interupt that at all.Looking at the wiring diagram I'd suspect a fault with the ignition switch / wiring / connectors - not too hard to check with a multimeter.The fact that you've still got head-lights is a puzzle but it's quite possible someone's put extra wiring in to boost them (the lights on the faired models are shocking as standard). SOO, it could also be the main fuse on the starter relay behind the right hand side panel/ These suffer badly from corrosion so if you do go inspect the fuse etc be bleedin' careful 'cos if the fuse contacts fall apart new relays are about £70 plus VAT. Guess how I know?Let me know which bike you've got and I'll see what I can do.

Hi, just joined this forum because I have a META problem and there's a good deal of info on here.

I've got a (very under-used) 2000 ZX6R. Came to start it today and the M351A wouldn't respond. Looks like the bike battery might be on the blink, but it's got enough in it to power all the lights brightly.

The batteries in the fobs have probably died a while ago and have been replaced. I gather that this might have caused them to lose the code to pair with the alarm on the bike. I have the red card that has a 16 digit code on it. How do I use this code to manually override the system so I can pair the fobs again? I'm hoping this can be done. Pete, I've seen your posts, but feel I need to post on here before harassing you personally.

Thanks in advance


Hi John,

email me on and I will reply with the programming instructions for any alarms, however you do have a problem..... you need to be able to disarm the M351a to be able to program a remote control.
It is more likely that the system has failed, however you could try disconnecting the battery overnight, then reconnect in the (almost vain) hope that it all might burst into life again!!!
You're welcome to give me a call on 07877 552759


Can anyone give me a copy of the fitting instructions for a M53T please?


Email me on and I'll reply with a scanned copy attachment if you like.


07877 552759

Thanks for your help Pete. Email sent to you.

You're welcome Phil,

Call me if you're struggling!

07877 552759


pete the alarm man...i have a problem with my meta 357t,seems lots of others do to....can you help....alarm worked ok then 1 day i pressed my fob and nothing keep trying fob got it to disarm in the end..changed batteries in have red card with code...seems like its the fob as alarm works then won't..sometimes i feel i am doing something wrong when i put key in ignition....stress stress stress so irritating.....would be great if you can help pete...seen your number up on here do you mind if i give you a call,thought i would post on here first......turbodave

hi a am another 'victim' of the meta alarm failing and nothing i do seems able to sort it out have disconnected the battery ther fuses etc but still will not allow me to start the bike.i do not have the red card and the shop i bought the bike had it traded in, despite them giving me the previous owners details still no codes as he bought it from a dealer and the alarm was already fitted but no red cards passed on it is fitted to a 1997 diversion 900 that i am now itching to use again.does anyone have wiring diagrams so i can remove the alarm

You don't need the meta wiring diagram to remove it, just the Divvie 900 diagram. In fact you barely even need that:Some alarm wires will merely connect to an original harness wire, without interupting it to supply or sense voltage.  These might include connections to the indicators, horn, switched ignition live, permanent live, main earth etc. This wires can be removed and the original bike bire re-insulated.Some alarm wires will interupt an original wire but cutting it in two, and an alarm wire going to each of the new ends of said cut wire. These might include starter motor relay circuit, ignition pulse circuits. In these cases, find the two ends of the original, cut wire (obvious because they're the same colour), remove the alarm wires, and re-join the original wire (preferably by soldering)Hey presto, no more alarm.

Please can someone help me i have a yamaha r6 2000 witch has a meta m53t immobiliser fitted to it,i have 2 keys and 2 immobiliser fobs and owned bike couple of years but recently one of the fobs became tempramental only working now and again so i started using other however this one has stopped working alltogether so iam back to other,i dont have code to order new fob,i just want to remove imobiliser from bike,i am quite confident to do job but i had a look after tracing all wires from m53t unit into wiring loom and all wires are black,i thought they would be different colours so dont really know where to start,will most bike shops do this job for me or do you thing its a job i could do myself

You don't need to worry about the "colours" of the black wires - it's the colours of the original bike wires that's significant. Go have a look at those, tell us what you find, and I'll tell you how to get rid of the immobiliser.

Ran the battery down on my SV 650 and now recharged but no ignition. It has a m53t fitted in 2001, but never activated since I bought the bike last year. Previous owner said likewise and didn't know whether it worked or not. Ihave the fob, but no idea if its working or how the alarm is set up. Best bet to bypass it but i  can't see the alarm either. Suggestions welcome?

Bloody hell! 5 pages of legitimate owners , losing control of the Tech, so as not to be able to use their bikes...could indicate , that we all need more electronic shit...


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