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meta 357v2

ok so my story starts with me stripping parts of my bike down for some corrosion issues.I have not tampered with any electrical connections other than disconnecting battery and certain pin blocks to remove body parts for respray.granted the lithofin battery was disconnected for nearly two weeks but was on charge the whole I have now put the bike back together and now the problems start,no response from key fob one day and the next it beeps 4 times.the next day it disarms the bike lets me attempt to turn the bike over and Im getting intermittent clicking from the fuse box and she won’t turn over.then nothing again.checked for fuses,wiggle test on cables,stripped the starter control on handle bars and cleaned contacts,cleaned and checked earth points on bike.I do have the 5 digit code on my installation certificate but no red card with 16 digits supplied by fitter in can’t do a reset as intermittent led availability.I have read that the internal battery could be the issue inside the my question is do I remove the alarm to try and rule out that this is the main fault?of non starting/intermitent issue??????Any suggestions grateful received.

ok even more weird,after reading threads I thought I might try the disconnect negative and wait to see whether this makes a difference.the bike was back on charge with battery connected overnight so I thought what the heck I’ll try to start her before doing the negative trick and hey presto she fired up and is running and stopping and starting again??????.Even more confused now as per threads if it was internal battery it should not have made a difference by just charging the bike or having the battery connected to power the internal battery as this is apparently only charged when the bike is running!  SO WHAT MADE HER START TODAY?concerned that when I’m out she might fail again and leave me stranded!.

Sounds like it was a dodgy connection to the battery.

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