Low End Miss

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Low End Miss

My 97 Thundercat has as low end miss up to 4,500rpm in cold or damp weather. I tried everything I know but nothing seems to help.

Does anybody have any cures or ideas

sounds similar to my cars problem, temporary cure is a good dose of wd40 around the coils. I'd also suggest giving the cdi a lash too.

Mine does that... it's carb icing. The last time it happened was on a particularly cold early morning last month, though.petrol additives are the only way. New plugs might help and regularly douse the plug caps in WD40.The other thing is the ram air system has 2 surge tanks behind the side farings, if the drain holes in these get blocked the engine could start ingesting water in the rain. Pop the side fairings off and poke a pipe cleaner up the hole (it's obvious) to see - one of mine had.

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