Local garages or handy bikers! BOLTON/MANCHESTER

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Local garages or handy bikers! BOLTON/MANCHESTER

Hi guys, 

recently been having a ton of issues with my Cagiva Roadster, not helped by dropping it yesterday. I've now got some pretty large repairs to get cracking on this weekend. Any tips on stripping switchgear from handlebars? I've always gone down the hairspray and screwdriver route previously but its been a while. I need to fit new handlebars, and a rear indicator, then I could do with sorting out the mixture as it seems to be running a bit lean. I'm happy enough to have a bash at all the above but if there is anyone local who fancies giving me a few pointers in exchange for beer tokens it'd be well appreciated!! As I'm new to the area meeting a few local bikers would be good as well, I miss summer rideouts after being off the bike for a few years.

On that note I also need recommendations for some garages in the Bolton area for tinkering generally, any one know of any in the Bolton locals? I used B&C in Farnworth recently who seemed pretty switched on and cheap for the work, but happy to look elsewhere if there is anyone thats well recommended.


Cheers guys, ride safe