Little s**ts broke steering lock and dropped my bike

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Little s**ts broke steering lock and dropped my bike

I am really looking for some advice. Some kids broke the steering lock and tried to steal my 2003 CB600. I had just bought it with 2500 miles on the clock, brand new condition. My insurance company just told me they think it is a write off!! Can't believe it...

From the information given by the police, it looks like it was dropped in the street after someone 'disturbed them'. There is apparently £3500 worth of damage... Damaged frame being the worst of it! The left handlebar is bent according to them. The fairing all needs replaced. The ignition lock, the upper trim, indicator, both mirrors... Totals up to more than cost of the bike... 

Can anyone advise on some options? Should I have another mechanic look at it, and hope to estimate a more reasonable repair cost or should I just accept that it's knackered.... I can't believe that could be the case after dropping it at 0mph. I want to murder those kids!!! (in case anyone takes that the wrong way, I have no intention of murdering any kids). I'll try and attach the pictured sent to me.

Thanks in advance! 




















When insurers and mechanics assess a bike they're looking to see what needs to be replaced to return the bike to its original condition. That means even just cosmetic damage can require the frame to be replaced. In your case it's possible that they've damaged the frame around the steering lock when they broke it (I would never advise anyone to use the steering lock for exactly this rain). It might be possible to repair the bike to a mechanically sound / acceptable condition and use it quite happily, but it'll never be worth what it was. Some people will buy a Cat C or D bike off the insurance company for its salvage price, replace a few parts at their own expense and without incurring mechanics fees and pocket the payout. If you can't do the repairs yourself it's probably not an option.
It might also be worth asking the mechanic (or another mechanic) what could be repaired at lower cost.
Gouges, cracks & scuffs in the plastics can be repaired, a scraped exhaust can be replaced with an aftermarket end-can at much lower cost than a genuine Honda system, and usually things like indicators, mirrors etc can too.. Things like scuffs on the frame might be repairable by painting etc, but depending on the damage it might be much harder to repair the steering lock area.
Hope this helps you understand the situation and your options a bit better.

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