KTM 640 Clutch problems

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KTM 640 Clutch problems

I have just rebuilt my 2002 KTM 640 supermoto. That is the local bike shop replaced the head gasket and I reconnected all the pipes wire and cables etc. The process has taken me nearly 5 months. I have not been in a rush to get the bike back on the road.

I reconnected the clutch cable and did not adjust the clutch cable with the rotary knob adjacent to the clutch lever. The knob is basically fully screwed in to the housing. When I put the bike in gear and release the clutch nothing happens, ie the bike does not move.

 If I wind out the knob adjuster just a quarter or more, then when I put the bike in gear, with the clutch lever pulled, the bike stall instantly.

Any ideas where I have gone wrong?



Same problem.  Any solutions?

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